Sunday, June 19, 2005

chocolate and music...mmmmm

i need motivation....inspiration.....and one of those delightful chocolate pies from burger king. (i can't think of the actual name, but there's chocolate and probably about 50 grams of fat involved in this delightful, sinful little creation.)

for some reason, "faith", by george michael, has been running through my head for the past hour. ah, george.....i thought he was into chicks until i was flat-out told otherwise a couple of years ago. oh well- still wore his jeans well in that video.

when i traveled to europe (paris and madrid) in high school, i had the pleasure of dining at the hard rock cafe in paris. it was the only time i have ever eaten at a hard rock (usually i just visit the store), and i wound up seated under george's jacket. (i guess it would've been the one that wasn't set on fire in one of his videos- must've been a "stunt double" or something.) no one else at my table understood why this was a big deal. (then again, i was misunderstood for most of my high school career- isn't that what teen angst is all about, after all?)

i wish i'd taken a picture of it.

perhaps i'm thinking of george as a result of reading an article (the decluttering project continues!) on little richard earlier this afternoon. you see, it seems that, once again, i am the last to find out the news:

little richard is gay.

i had no idea. seriously. well, actually, i had no idea until a couple of months ago when i read some article about him. but much for that odd crush i had on him when i was little. (please don't ask me to explain it- i don't fully understand where it came from, either.)

oh, and lily tomlin? yep- you guessed it. (though i never did. another magazine article took care of that one for me, too.)

the solution is obvious: i need to stop reading magazines.

oh- and don't even mention a certain diver from the olympics in the 80s. i was crushed when i found out the truth about him.

speaking of boys who dig boys (lily tomlin excepted, obviously), i miss citrus' wit. now, even the anecdote he posted a while back is gone. however, the link will stay, just in case he decides to take up public blogging again. (well, and because i hate goodbyes.)

........and now the song in my head has switched to "boys and girls" by blur.

oh, yes- speaking of music, how about scrolling down a little and pondering a few musical connections? it'll make the day go by faster- really.


Larry said...

That is funny cuz most women have excellent gaydar.

I also miss Citrus. Citrus, if you read this come back, please.

Callie said...

Yeah - my gaydar's pretty accurate. Actually, I tend to believe more guys are gay than actually are. I just like to be on the safe side, ya know?

da sister said...

you can also add sarah gilbert from Rosanne to the gay list as well. i'm surprise you didn't mention how crushed you were about boy george.

Larry said...

Callie: that is how most women seem to be. My ex actually thought I was gay a few years before we got together, cuz I was soooo shy I would avoid women at all costs

Da Sis: Don't tell her about rupert everett or ian mckellan. she may not make it past the shock.

R. U. Serious said...

I swear Micheal Jackson is Little Richard's illegitimate son.

Damned If I Know

da sister said...

I found this off of Wikipedia with a list of gays, bis, and lesbians.,_lesbian_or_bisexual_people
I was surprised to see christina aguilera on the list.

duff said...

my gaydar is not up to snuff, i'm make things worse, i attracted a lot of lesbians in high school, while sibling got the guys.

ah well, i'll show those boys. my 10 year reunion is next year. that gives me almost 12 months to transform myself into a rich, gorgeous vixen with big boobs and small thighs.

i knew about rupert- i got over it pretty quickly. ian was no huge loss- i mean, he's no sean connery.

now, if kyan douglas really is 100% into guys, i'll be crushed.

why are all the good ones taken and/or gay?

duff said...

christina? bi, at most......though i thought she was straight, with possibly some "experimentation".

sojourning crow said...

duff: it's ok that all you favorite muscicians are gay..there's nothing wrong with it. for a truly gay scene involving that song (George Michael), watch The Rules of Attraction when their in the hotel room. Very gay.
Inspiration comes when you are in catharsis and then at stillness. It's combusiton, fire and wind. It is the quite and the storm. Squeezing the sponge will only quench your thirst if there's water in it.

STP said...

I'm with Callie...I tend to assume more are gay than usual just to be safe...but my gaydar is pretty damn accurate (unlike my spelling).

I was absolutely crushed when I found out Rock Hudson was gay...even though he was old and still hurt. I blame Doris Day for this...she could make any man gay, thought I still love her old movies.

Daniel Lee Sale said...

You've been tagged

.: raven :. said...

i loved George Michael .. was crushed when i found out he was gay .. but still love him and his music anyway.

now about Citrus .. what do you miss? you did read where he/she stated that nothing ... absolutely nothing he/she said in his blog was true .. except that he/she was unemployed?

hard to miss something that never *was*

duff said...

i miss his wit....

i was....diappointed when he said everything was fictional, but after i got over that little "surprise", i accepted him as a decent writer of fiction.

(there's a little more to it than that, but i'm already late for work.)

Lisa said...

Don't worry, my gaydar is a total screwup too. And while I don't attact lesbians, I am accused of being one at least at semi-regular intervals. Which does attact men, but for all the wrong reasons...

Trixie said...

If you EVER have seen Little Richard walk, talk or squeak his chalk without immediately becoming convinced that he's gay, I most seriously and honestly commend you:
You are the most open-minded, unprejudiced woman I have come across in my young life. I wish I had a fraction of your qualities!

John said...

What did you think Tutti-frutti was about?

When I was in high school, I was completely in love with this girl, but I was too afraid to tell her. So I tried to be really subtle. I found out later that she thought I was gay. I guess I was a little too subtle.

Alessandro Rosetti said...

They your taste in cuisine is exquisite:
1. chocolate pie from...BURGER KING??
2. you are in visit to Paris and you dine in Hard Rock Cafe?

ugh! Americans.

Danikabur said...

I'm not sure I have very good gaydar. I know that my woman gaydar is totally off.

duff said...

lisa:let me guess....they'd like to watch?

ah, men.

trixie: well, i was six when i decided i was going to grow up and marry him. the next week, i was onto something else.

i just thought he was flamboyant....

it gets worse- i used to think elton john was straight, too....and that the wig on his head was actually his real hair.

john: aren't a bunch of girls mentioned in tutti frutti? i fell for it. plus, i was six.

alessandro:i was with a group from school, didn't have copious amounts of money to spend, and i was tired of turning down omlettes.

i'm not a total culinary barbarian, just cheap.

that said, thanks for stopping by- i love seeing new folks poking around my blog.

danikabur:i'm pretty good with guys, as long as it's in person. otherwise, i'm iffy. women, however, are a total mystery, unless they start hitting on me.

da sister said...

if the women that hit on you were (or are) cute, take it as a compliment.....women are very picky, as my male friends have told me, they'll resort to hitting on anything if they think they have a chance.

duff said...

did you consider the chicks that hit on me at that new years' eve party (where 3 different guys kissed you, i might add) were cute? sure, it was 9 or so years ago, but i doubt they've blossomed since then.

Stephanie said...

Apparently you're not the last person to find out... I didn't know that, either.