Wednesday, June 01, 2005

shawn colvin and bad driving

in my head this evening: "primal scream", by motley crue.

how it got there: it was one of those days when i wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and scream....and i don't remember enough of michael jackson's song "scream" to have it in my head.

school- excuse me- summer camp- was an adventure sure to provide fodder for a chapter of my memoirs one day. my dinner this evening was good, but then spending 15 minutes on hold with my part time employer listening to shawn colvin's greatest hits was....draining.

however, i survived and my makeup order might even be here tomorrow, so i suppose i'm pretty well off. (i know what did it- emailing all of my helpers this morning to apolologize for the delay. heck, had i known, i would have done that several days ago.)

thanks to south carolina's bizarre weather systems, we've gone from sunny 85-degree days last week to 65-degree rain this week. (i sincerely hope things clear up tomorrow.) since i am still waiting for sears to get my replacement top-of-the-line michelin tire in stock (i need a replacement hydroedge tire since a nail got stuck in the last one at a rather odd angle), i skidded a little bit this evening on the crappy temporary replacement they stuck on my car 2 1/2 weeks ago. (i should wait until i have raging p.m.s. to storm into sears and ask them where on earth my tire has been lurking for the past 2 1/2 weeks. however, time is of the essence, so i will stomp into their shop tomorrow in as pissy a mood as i can muster. (if i were a cell phone sort of person, i'd call mama, hand the phone to the manager, and give her the joy of tearing someone a new posterior opening.))

so, i had my excuse for crappy driving this evening. however, the guy who turned onto the road in front of me and promptly took his half of the road out of the middle had no excuse. while i have no idea how to turn on my brights, i can certainly flash them, and flash i did. repeatedly. it took him/her a minute to get the message- perhaps because they had flashbacks to strobe lit dancefloors of years gone by- but eventually they picked a lane, much to my joy.

thanks to my mossy new friend, there are two musical artists left to guess. i suppose that means i should start on a new list......maybe tomorrow.


Larry said...

Flea and Tina Turner. But, I am not all that tired. Must have something to do with a lack of spirited 2 year-olds.

Mossy Stone said...

Come to my office, Larry...I have co-workers who can behave like said ankle biters.

Digitalicat said...

You should walk into Sears with two rolls of quarters in a sock. That'll get their attention.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, dear, I missed you and decided to drop in & catch up. I loved your INXS post - I think they should consider Bo Bice (sorry, I know you hate Idol). Hope your new tire arrives pronto - not safe driving on two diff't tires and besides, it can cause undue wear on the other one if you go too long like that.

Drive carefully, and I'll see you soon, I hope. :-)

Larry said...

Whoa, seeing that entry there, without a signature, makes me think your stalker found you. For all our sakes, I hope it is a friend.

Indeterminacy said...

You should come over here to Germany and drive on the autobahn. The left lane is sacred. Anyone venturing into that lane had better be moving fast enough, or they won't live very much longer.

duff said...

not a stalker- just citrus, checking in.

duff said...

indeterminacy: that's a great idea. i've long fantasized about driving on the autobahn at ludicrous speed. perhaps one day i'll make it over there, even if just for a visit.

by the way, i love the concept behind your site.