Sunday, June 12, 2005

saturday adventures

you know that nap i mentioned yesterday? it didn't happen. i worked until 3, went home, crawled into bed with the latest laurie notaro book....and then got back out of bed five minutes later when asked if i wanted to go to subway. (i know, i know- given my past experiences with the local subway, you would think i'd have moved on to another sub shop by now, but noooooo- going to our subway is always an adventure.)

the good news: they've hired slightly more competent help.

the bad news: they're doing away with the "sub club".

you're killing me here, folks. i've participated in your free sub program for as long as i can remember- since my childhood in baltimore. the first subway sandwich shop i'd ever seen went in down the hill from our house when i was still in elementary school. (feel free to correct me on that, mama.)

so now i have a nice little stack of sub club cards- most of them completely full- at it seems they are now worth approximately squat. fabulous.

anyway, after a semi-satisfying meal at subway (i mean, come on- would it have killed you folks to put more than five banana papper rings on my footlong? really.), our next stop was one of those big, obnoxious national chains to pick up a copy of eerie, indiana on dvd for my dad for father's day. i'd planned on getting a copy for myself, too. (i watched it religiously when i was younger and was heartbroken when the show was cancelled.) however, most of my plans go awry- and i was foiled by the realization that there was only one copy of the show to be had. since i'm currently in "devoted daughter" mode, i'm doing the "big girl" thing and mailing the dvd to dad, as originally intended, instead of being selfish and keeping it for myself. (besides, this way someone else can buy the series for me in a month and 5 days.....along with my duran duran tickets, of course.......i mean, you know, if you want to.)

anyway, after picking up the gift (and a couple of fraggle rock dvds- who knew they were out already?), the next stop was the card shop to find appropriate cards. my dad's card was easy- grandpa's not so much. (he's not amused by my sense of humor, i'm afraid, and most of the other offerings were either designed for a three year old to send or else too gushy and sentimental for me to look at without wanting to gag.) while i was at it, i replenished my birthday card supply (you don't want to know how far behind i am on mailing those....) and bought a couple of beanie baby bears.....including the special pope bear, whiuch was a little religous for my tastes, but will probably be some sort of collector's item some day.

that done, it was off to buy soap and a couple of pairs of khakis, since two pairs bit the dust a while back and i've been too cheap to buy more. i found a fantastic pair of orange pants (i don't know what it is with the sudden fondness for orange lately- i've always been a blue kind of girl), but i'm sorry to report they were too big. (well- not that sorry- it's nice to know i've gone down a size since i last bought pants.)

i hate the mall- which is why i only visit every six months, and spend the rest of my time trying to scrimp and save.

oh- and our mall has an escort policy. i was highly disappointed that i didn't get carded, though my companion was quick to point out that it was because he looks old enough to be my guardian. (next time, i shop alone, dammit!)

anyway, after our little shopping trip, there wasn't any time for my nap, so we headed straight to the cheap movie theater (the only kind we ever went to when i was little, so it brings back memories each time we shell out a buck fifty each to see a flick that we could probably just go ahead and buy on dvd for roughly ten times as much in a theater without reclining seat or movable armrests) to see "hitch". i thoroughly enjoyed the film, though there was an actor in it i'm trying desperately to place. you know- one of those faces you know you've seen before but can't remember where. (it's right up there with getting a song stuck in your head but not knowing the title, or who it's by, or some other little bit of nagging trivia.) aside from that, and the kid two rows back who insisted on hurling his lemonheads across the theater and the woman who actually answered her cell phone during the freaking movie, it was an enjoyable experience.

after turning down tacos (i know- a shocker, but i wasn't the least bit hungry and i'm trying to watch my girlish figure), we headed home and i spent some time putting more arizona photos in the album. (i bought more photo sleeves at the card shop.)

were i not so lazy, i'd go back to the appropriate entries, add the photos, and then link back to them here- but i am lazy, so i'll simply add the photos to this post later on today. (i'll try to do better next time- really.)

in the meantime, serious work needs to be done around here (or at least that's what they keep telling me).


Mama said...

Whatever happened to Savannah?

duff said...

ah yes- the planned trip to savannah.

obviously, that didn't happen this weekend.

Larry said...

Never, ever, turn down tacos. You never know, that could have been your last chance at a decent taco. The reds could take over tomorrow and then, no tacos.

Shit, eighties flashback. There's always tomorrow.

duff said...

i had mexican as a late lunch about an hour and a half ago- nachos and taco salad.

you know what i'm craving right now, though? maryland blue crabs- the big ones like we used to get when i was little- with a thick layer of old bay seasoning- and corn on the cob.

however, with my braces, corn on the cob is currently out of the question. dammit.

Larry said...

One of my front teeth is mostly fake, from a hockey incident of course. I can't eat apples without cutting them up, I lost the fake tooth on a tootsie roll once, and I have to cut corn off the cob.

In other words, I feel your pain about the corn, cuz, fresh on the cob is the only corn I like.

duff said...

one of mine is totally fake. in fact, the only reason i have the front tooth is that it's wired into my braces. (the root shattered in september, causing the crown to fly out mid-conversation, post and all.)

bite into an apple? sorry- i have to pass.

raw carrots and pistachios are also out because of the braces.
as a consolation, i get to wear colored bands on my teeth. i'm getting a sparkly green on my teeth next week.

i'm such a kid. and a dork. such a dorky kid, really.