Tuesday, June 07, 2005

has it really been twenty years?

i have some time to write an actual blog entry tonight, but i'm not sure how entertaining it might be.

i was flipping through the latest issue of rolling stone today (the june 16th issue, which i'm sure arrived at your doorstep at least a week ago. sometimes i wonder if my mailman takes my copy home to peruse before delivering it to me.) and found out two very interesting tidbits:

~vh1 is going to revive "storytellers". among the bands to featured in upcoming episodes: coldplay, dave matthews, green day, and bruce springsteen. (it's almost enough to motivate me to pay for cable- almost.)

~twenty years after live aid, bob geldof has teamed up with bono to organize live 8, about which bob geldof says, "This is not Live Aid 2." (i left the caps because i took the quote from the live 8 website.)

has it really been twenty years since live aid? i remember my dad had the vcr tied up during the entire event back on july 13, 1985. he taped the entire concert, dropping whatever he was doing every 6 hours (like clockwork) so he could change the tape. the concert at wembley, the concert at jfk- all of it's on tape somewhere in his collection in kansas city. when i was in college, i raided his collection to watch nik kershaw, adam ant, queen, and duran duran, among others. (however, i did not feel the need to watch elton john's performance again, because my only clear, specific memory from the original broadcast was elton singing "don't go breaking my heart", with kiki dee. at the time, i thought kiki's voice was much deeper and that they were both guys. i'd rather preserve that memory the way it is, as i'm sure reality would not be nearly as amusing.)

geeky trivia question: which artist performed at wembley stadium, then boarded the concorde and flew to the u.s. to perform at j.f.k? are any of my readers nerdy enough about music to answer this without looking it up?

i bought my dad the dvd set when i was last in town- just after his birthday, but i'm sure it's not the same.

this time around, there will be five concerts- not just two- all taking place on july 2nd:
london- hyde park
the lineup includes: Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Sir Elton John, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Sting, Robbie Williams, U2, REM, Velvet Revolver, Bob Geldof, The Killers, The Cure, and several others.

paris- versailles
the lineup includes: Jamiroquai, Craig David, Andrea Bocelli, Placebo, and a handful of others.
berlin- brandenburg gate
a-ha is playing here, along with Crosby, Stills and Nash, Brian Wilson, Lauryn Hill and a few others. (since the fugees are rumored to be back together and working on another album, does that mean that pras michel and wyclef jean will be on hand, as well? i'm predicting they show up as "special guests" during lauryn's set.)
rome- circus maximus
the lineup includes: Duran Duran, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and a few others.
(i'd root for The Power Station to play as well, but, well, that's hard to do without robert palmer- although michael des barres filled in for palmer the last time around.)

but wait- my musical trivia nerdiness has just increased!
so i googled "michael des barres" to find out if he was still alive and could, therefore, potentially fill in for robert palmer once again, and not only is he alive, but he was freakin' murdoc on macgyver! (even at the tender age of nine, i thought murdoc was hot.)
anyway, where was i? right- concerts.....

philadelphia- museum of art
this concert will feature Will Smith (host), Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, P Diddy, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, The Dave Matthews Band, Sarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas, 50 Cent, plus a few others.

for more details and the full lineups (i only cut and pasted select bits and pieces, obviously), head over to the official live 8 website.

and of course, no cause would be complete without very own wristband. (i'm considering it.)

and on that note, it's time for me to get back to work.


Larry said...

Bruce and DMB. I guess I should schedule time for these storytellers in my book.

How cool is Live 8 gonna be in London, Damn.

As for music geekiness, I did not know the answer to your question, googled it and wasn't even close with my guess.

Kal said...

I won't spoil it for everyone, so I'll just say the concorde person is bald and portly.

I remember obsessively watching for the Led Zep "reunion" performance.

duff said...

it's okay- i've known for a while now that i'm a bigger music nerd than you.

duff said...

dammit, kal- how'd your post get listed before mine? i knew i should have learned to touch-type in high school.

he's portly? i thought he was fairly scrawny....though the last time i saw a full length picture was about 15 years ago.

unless you're talking about notorious b.i.g., but i don't think he was invited to live aid.

Kal said...

Well, he was kinda portly in that movie of his. It's funny, he was just in a commercial I saw right before I read your post. He's written some "all new songs" for the sequel to an animated movie he wrote the music for a couple of years ago... Is that too oblique?

Larry said...

You are the music nerd Queen. I am a lowly music nerd serf.

NJ said...

Um yeah, I guess I'm king of the music nerds. I saw all of the first Live Aid concert, even the bad Led Zepplin reunion, and I remember that it was Phil Collins that appeared in both shows. Worse than that I even have two Boomtown Rats albums, yep on vinyl even. Bob Geldof's first band, in case you're wondering. I was in high school when the concert took place, it was a really big deal at the time.

Guitarroy said...

Live Aid wasnt that one of the last concerts Queen did before Freddy Mercury died or AM i just utterly confused now days with all the farmaids live aids tribute to queen Aids and Axel rose having riots.

I guess my old age is catching up with me

Fiona said...

Jet's doing the London one (an aussie group) and Kylie minogue was gonna do lopndon too before her cancer diagnosis....

Digitalicat said...

Mmm... I loves me some Storytellers.

You're holding all our tickets for the Live 8 thing, right?

The Complimenting Commenter said...

Seems like it might be good. I still remember parts of the original too. I hope they raise some money. Great post.

Dirty Gypsy said...

Is "Storytellers" the show with the band/artist playing live and talking about why they wrote this track, etc.?

And I had no clue on the 'trivia' question. I was thinking Clapton, until I read kal's first post. But I figured it out before I saw nj's post, so yay me.

Anonymous said...

I remember wathing liveaid as I was working at a filling station when they used to be full service, I was catching glimpses of british rock and clean bugs off the window of cars.

Paul said...

The Dave Matthews storytellers that was on previously is one of the best concert shows I've ever seen. It's amazing.

duff said...

roy: freddie died in 1991- 6 years after live aid. (yes, i have it marked in my planner- it falls the same week as the anniversary of michael's hutchence's death, which was on the 34th anniversary of jfk's death.)

fiona: i didn't see jet listed on the official list, but i'm pleased to hear they're in the lineup. will kylie recover in time to perform? it'd be a shame if she had to miss out on such a worthy cause......

digi: crap- i though you had them.

actually, as i understand it, the tickets will be free- i just have to figure out how to weasel the time off to attend. (oh- and finding a rich sugar daddy who'll fly me to london would probably be a necessity, too.)

lance: bug guts......eeew.

paul: i think i've seen a grand total of one episode of storytellers- culture club.

this is what happens when you live without cable.

Stef said...

50 Cent and Bon Jovi on the same bill? How weird is that going to be?

And I do remember Live Aid...my now adult children were either in diapers (21 y.o.) or in utero (19 y.o.)...

Yes, I AM that old! LOL --Stef