Tuesday, June 28, 2005

too much information

note: loyal readers, fellow bloggers, and poor folks who stumbled upon this while searching for "haunted hamburger", "pee pants", "robert palmer", and "stacia micula" (you know who you are): i am busier than a one-armed paper hanger this week, so forgive me if i don't manage to post daily and am less than hysterically funny when i do manage to pound something out for you. after some sleep (dreaming of large paychecks, no doubt), i should be back to my usual self. in the meantime, feel free to peruse my much more entertaining "blasts from the past"....or suffer through the informative questionnaire below.

i suppose i should grab the baton from kal.

31 (at least that's the way it started out) questions

name: i am spartacus.

nickname: duff

astrological sign: the crabby one

age: same as garfield...well, actually, he's a month ahead

height: 5'2" (with eyes of blue and a ponytail swingin' round...)

weight: about five pounds more than i'd like to be

occupation: several- preschool teacher, radio dj, babysitter extraordinaire, barefaced avon lady, muse

birthplace: poudre valley hospital, ft. collins, colorado
marital status: i'm too young for all that grown up stuff. maybe i'll allow myself to be tied down by the time i turn 30.

how many children: in my class? twelve. personally? none- i'm a big kid. (also, see answer above)

do you drink (alcohol): on extremely rare occassions

do you smoke: nope

favorite outdoor activities: hiking, kayaking, taking about a billion photos while hiking and kayaking, lounging in kiddie pools and hoping the air conditioning guy will make an appearance

favorite indoor activities: indoor rock climbing, cooking, boning up on useless musical trivia, and, of course, the usual preferred indoor activity- playing board games. (what were you thinking? pervert!)

favorite colors: blue, purple, green (coincidentally, of all the haircolors i've had, those were my favorites- though purple's at the top of that list.)

favorite type of music: 80s

favorite musical groups/performers: inxs and duran duran are my top 2 (in that order). other favorites include: depeche mode, u2, the cult, the killers, marvelous 3, and various hair bands.

favorite song at the moment: one? one???? how about five?

favorite song of all time: "take on me" by a-ha
favorite current song, alternative: "somebody told me" by the killers
favorite current song, non-alternative: "don't cha" by the pussycat dolls
song that never fails to put me into a good mood: "don't change" by inxs
should the song above fail, i'll play: "rush" by big audio dynamite, "we are the normal" by the goo goo dolls, "dream all day" by the posies, "saturday night" by ned's atomic dustbin and "meet el presidente" by arcadia. if that doesn't work, i'll probably just throw stuff until i feel better.

what's in your home cd/cassette player right now: let's see- the alarm clock has the goo goo dolls live cd, my discman has the killers (i think- i haven't worked out in a while), and my cd player has billy idol's greatest hits, galore (the cure), and one of the moody blues' greatest hits compilations

what's in you car cd/cassette player right now: kick- inxs

do you play an instrument: errr...not since the flutophone in elementary school

what kind of guitar do you play: uh, none.

have you ever gone skinny-dipping: yes, though not nearly as often as i'd like

as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up: fashion designer

what would be your dream job now: full time dj

have you ever been convicted of a crime: nope

places you'd most like to visit: australia, barcelona (again), the bottom of the grand canyon (ditto), florin (a reference i seriously doubt anyone will get), hawaii, and the inside of val kilmer's ranch.

your first car: 1989 plymouth sundance. i had to give it up at 213,000 miles- though it was still going strong. gosh, i miss that car.

dream car: ford mustang cobra
car you drive now: 2001 ford zx2- the escort that thinks it's a sports car

favorite season: old bay...oh- you meant "season", not "seasoning". uh......late spring

favorite holiday: halloween

favorite hobbies: photography, reading, perfecting my kissing technique, blogging (egads, i'm lame- aren't i?)

favorite sport to play: tennis, soccer

favorite sport to watch: underwater basket weaving

least favorite sport to watch: anything involving asu (i'm still a little bitter over a basketball game)

most humiliating moment: any time a boy found out i liked him in high school and/or college

do you have any siblings: yes

do you get along with your parents: yes, though it has not always been the case

favorite place to chill: in front of the air conditioning vent?

favorite place to visit: arizona, maine, disneyworld

what is your bad time of day: i am not a morning person

what is your good time of day: any time i can squeeze in a nap

favorite flower/plant: cacti- hard for me to kill

favorite subject in school: history

least favorite subject in school: math- in any of its many horrible forms and varieties

favorite authors: laurie notaro, bill bryson, augusten burroughs, dave barry

favorite book genre: humorous memoirs

favorite book: i have a couple: the little prince, by antoine de saint-exupery and seven
tattoos, by peter trachtenberg

current book I'm reading: we thought you'd be prettier, by laurie notaro

favorite magazine: rolling stone

favorite movie of all time: real genius

other favorite movies: pump up the volume, singles, threesome, tombstone, the princess bride, drop dead fred, pcu, the crow

favorite actors/actresses: val kilmer, johnny depp, keanu reeves (though wild horses could not drag me to the theater to see the matrix), christian slater, jeremy piven, owen wilson, drew barrymore,

favorite cartoon character: bashful the dwarf

favorite food: steamed blue crabs with old bay seasoning

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate chip cookie dough

favorite alcoholic drink: hmmm...well, i've learned the hard way not to drink excessive amounts of vodka, tequila, goldschlager, or an entire bottle of white wine by myself

what is your bedtime: probably a good deal earlier than i actually crawl into the sack

worst enemies: boredom

interesting fact about your childhood: the first time i kissed a guy was during a visit to ocean city, new jersey, when i was about 4. i got off the kiddie ferris wheel and kissed the operator on the cheek. as i recall, the whole crowd went "awwwwww". then, i became much too shy to ever do that sort of thing again.

the first thing you think of in the morning: taking a whiz

favorite thing to do when you're home alone: wander around in the buff

things that make you feel good: wandering around in the buff

things you don't like: walking in front of a mirror in the buff

worst feeling in the world: the way i felt when a couple of perfectly good teeth were extracted

scariest feeling in the world: knowing i have to say "goodbye" to someone

best feeling in the world: it's been too long for me to recall that one....but hearing from an old friend would be a close second

do you get motion sickness: sometimes.....more than i used to, unless i'm the one driving
roller coasters - deadly or exciting: exciting
thunderstorms - cool or scary: both

pen or pencil: depends on what i need it for

do you like to drive: other people crazy? yes.

do you sleep with stuffed animals: on occassion

did you have imaginary friends or a blanket as a child: security blanket. i left my favorite at a motel in mississippi, but i still have the others

what is on the walls of your room: a couple of keith haring posters, a couple of framed de grazia needlepoints that mama made for me when i was little, a sesame street calendar, a dry erase board......and a "comedy" mask my sister gave me. (at least, i think that's where it came from.)

what words or phrases do you overuse: the f-bomb, "dude"

coolest things anyone ever gave you: totally unexpected gifts. as i recall, the stereo happened the same evening my college boyfriend told me he loved me. i immediately went into shock. my current one replaced my portable phone for me soon after we started dating. finally, a good friend (and former backup) knew i wanted the inxs absolut vodka ad and bought a postcard version of it off of ebay for me a couple of christmases ago.

how would you characterize your political leanings: i'm not exactly a fan of most republicans

if you could pick one super-human power, what would you choose: the ability to stuff myself into a tiny spandez outfit and not look like a cow

favorite quotes/lyrics/poems:

"it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

"i'm kidding. it's yet another in a long series of diversions in an attempt to avoid responsibility."

chris knight:
Was it a dream where you see yourself in, sort of, sun god robes, on a pyramid, with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?

mitch taylor:

chris knight:
why am I the only person that has that dream?

can you hammer a six inch spike through a board with your penis?

chris knight:
not right now.

a girl's gotta have her standards.

and my favorite from that movie.....

if there's ever anything i can do for you . . . or more to the point, to you, you let me know, okay?


ltlme said...

yes, the mask came from me....on the gift, what about that kitten i gave you for your birthday that dad made you take back?

.: raven :. said...

i have the same quote on my page :)

Kal said...

Florin? But Guilder's lovely this time of year...

Larry said...

Damnit Kal, you ruined my fun. I bucked up and bought that DVD a few days ago when I also picked up Scrubs Season 1.

I am saddened to hear I am not one of your favorite authors.

And I would think getting teeth extracted is probably better than getting them knocked out, but, I have never had one estracted so I will have to take your word for it.

Kal said...

Nine minutes! Bwa ha ha.

Digitalicat said...

I finally figured it out! Now I know who your voice reminds me of!

carrie said...

you're funny

bricotrout said...

am i the only one who had red flags being raised when i read that your current boyfriend quickly replaced your phone with a new one as soon as you started dating? did you check its insides? tracking and monitoring devices are smaller and cheaper than ever. did he warn you not to place it too close to the CART recorder with thier heavy magnets and all? be warned!

sojourning crow said...

and on weekends i like to sit outside of strip clubs and muse at the fate of unsuspecting Jehovah's Witness delivery boys and their charges...

duff said...

kiddo: you mean hutchence the first? funny how he bore a striking resemblance to your cats.

raven: i knew i liked you for a reason.

larry: emotionally, getting teeth taken out was rough. i don't like losing body parts.....unless we're trimming nails or hair.

kal: see comment for raven above.

digi: dare i ask?

carrie: thanks for the compliment- and for stopping by.

trout: no need to worry. i managed to break that one pretty quickly and wound up exchanging it for a new one (same model, though) at best buy about a week later.

a touch paranoid, aren't we?

crow: don't just muse- interview the poor guys!

that would be hilarious.

everyone: bear with me- it's been a busy week. i'll try to catch up over the weekend.