Saturday, July 02, 2005

i'm ba-ack!

see? i didn't fall of the face of the earth....i've just been standing on the edge.

before we get to my excuses for not posting, let me remind you that live 8 is taking place today. here are a couple of things for you to peruse while you wait for coverage to start on mtv and vh1 (noon-8 p.m. est).

so- where have i been all week? working- a lot....and sleeping...not so much.

monday: went to work at the preschool, spent 4 hours after school housecleaning (not my own, mind you- i don't get paid for that.) crawled into bed around midnight. (this was after finally falling into bed around 2:30 a.m. monday morning.)

tuesday: went to work at preschool, spent lunch break redesigning a bumper,

floated rubber duckies in a giant puddle of rainwater at school

rubber duckierubber duckiespuddle(let's hear it for clogged drains!), spent five hours cleaning/filing after school, sorted and bagged avon orders, and collapsed on the bed around 1:30 a.m.

wednesday: preschool, dinner at keith and rhonda's, posted my previous entry (which i actually wrote last weekend), called mama (who had left three messages in four days- each sounding increasingly worried about my well-being) finished bagging avon orders, and made it to bed early- about 11:30.

thursday: played in a downpour at preschool, six hours of babysitting/filing after work....too tired to do anything else. got home at 12:30. asleep by 12:32.

yesterday: preschool field trip to riverbanks zoo,


followed by a short, but necessary lunch break (had to get to the bank so my bills would be paid), lounged in the pool with the two year olds (my daily summer ritual), then made a couple of avon deliveries after of which was at the mall- right next to old navy, where i picked up a new bathing suit for lounging in the kiddie well as a couple of other suits.....despite being absolutely horrified by the way my thighs look in the dressing room lighting. (where are my rollerblades?) after resolving to get to bed early, wound up cooking for two hours and finally fell into bed around 11:00.

so, basically, i'm worn out, but i have a little extra money in my bank account. (well, i did, but old navy wound up with a small chunk of it, and my credit card wound up with a decent payment.)

i'm off from preschool monday, and right after i found out there are kayaking opportunities in the area, i opened an email notifying me that i'm working monday. so much for that master plan.

it's enough to make a girl look forward to vacation. originally, i was going to go out of town this week and visit mama in maine. however, due to some scheduling conflicts, my vacation was shifted to the end of the month. so, if you're on I-95 on the 22nd or 23rd of this month and you see a green ford zx2 in your rear view mirror (with a red devil duckie air freshener dangling from my rear view mirror), move. thanks.

of course, i've already looked into adventure options for our little trip. here's my rough itinerary:

friday, july 22nd: after the school field trip, attempt to head out of town and get to d.c. before midnight.

saturday, july 23rd: wander around either baltimore or d.c.- possibly both. (or, if i couldn't manage an early departure from school on friday, drive up to d.c. today. arrive with plenty of time to gorge myself on blue crabs.)

sunday, july 24th: drive up I-95 to maine......a route i have not taken before. arrive in time for at least one lobster roll extra value meal at mc donald's. (is it the number 5? number 6? i can't remember- a sign it's been too long since my last one.)

monday, july 25th: break in mama's new wheels with a road trip to vermont. (this just in- mama has been playing with her atlas again, and now we may even make it to sherbrooke, quebec....which means i'm going to be exercising my weak french abilities. uh......pardonnez-moi- je parle un peu de francais. parlez-vous anglais, s'il vous plait?)

tuesday, july 26th: three options here.

option one: drag SO to moosehead lake for hiking on mt. kineo......wait a minute- do they have kayaks there? i bet they do.

option two: leave SO with mama's tangled pile of wires.....tell him if he can connect vcr, dvd player, and tv set together without blowing anything up, he may spend the day in front of various sports channels while mama and i drive to ellsworth, maine, where i will undoubtedly add to the local economy......or sit in traffic while creating new combinations of various swear words whilst referring to the road construction efforts in ellsworth. (i guess we'll work on our french.)

option three: sleep. a lot.

either way, i'd like another lobster roll extra value meal for dinner......maybe two.

wednesday, july 27th: leave before dawn for a three day road trip to prince edward island. stop at hopewell rocks (here it is in french, if you're feeling adventurous) on the way. (i'm trying to figure out how to convince mama we should stick around and kayak around the rocks for a little while. so far, it's sounding iffy, but at least she hasn't given me a flat-out "hell, no".) we'll spend the night in new brunswick. we may possibly drive over to nova scotia, assuming we arrive early enough to stop at the visitor's center before it closes. (perhaps the bagpipers will be out and about.)

thursday, july 28th: explore prince edward island. we're planning visits to east point light house, point prim lighthouse (my first canadian hike!), crapaud (mama's point of interest....don't ask), and one of my college professors found a couple of metal potato sculptures during a biking trip across p.e.i......though i can't remember where he said they were. (last time, we wound up at the potato museum.....which, i have been informed, we "simply won't have time to revisit" during this trip.) however, we will have time to stop at cows before crossing confederation bridge into new brunswick.

friday, july 29th: drive back to maine......we'll probably spend two hours trying to get through homeland security. have another lobster roll extra value meal for dinner.

saturday, july 30th: drive back to d.c. area, using the trusty inland route. stop at roy rogers on massachusetts turnpike for early lunch. arrive in time for more crabs.

sunday, july 31st: drive back to south carolina. arrive in time to work 6pm shift at the radio station.

any other suggestions? other points of interest in new brunswick or p.e.i. that you can recommend?

new words of wisdom from my #1 fan.....


in the meantime, i suppose i should chase down a tv and see if we get mtv here at the station.......

rock on.
(i've been saying that a lot lately- perhaps i should add that to my previous post.)


sojourning crow said...

ahhh, fresh comments. duff, is your radio show streaming. if i ever get internet access again i would like to listen at work. no stalking, just listening...hee.
thanks for the comments. i replied. be well.

Larry said...

Hey, if you drive up I-95 you should stop off at Oregon Avenue in Philly and go about a block west to Tuny Luke's, get yourselves a couple of the best cheesesteaks on the planet.

Just a suggestion, although, after you have one you won't have room for lobster rolls.

duff said...

crow: i'm afraid we're not streaming yet, but hopefully it's in the works.......though i'm a little nervous about the entire world being able to hear me constantly screwing up on the air.

larry: philly cheesesteak on a hot summer day? uh- i'll have to think about that.....

Larry said...

duff, they are great any time.

.: raven :. said...

wow .. i am exhausted just reading your post ..... i have been busy as well but not like you .. then again i'm sure you're younger and in far better shape than myself (this will be my excuse) ... LOL

ltlme said...

when i clicked on your audio, it took me to some asian page......i hope you didn't get hacked.

Mossy Stone said...

duff: I believe that somewhere in New Brunswick is a place called "Magnetic Hill". There's some nice countryside in NB, but not much else, unfortunately. You'll enjoy PEI, though. Too bad you couldn't swing over to Nova Scotia. Next time ;-)

duff said...

mossy: i've heard of "magnetic hill", but i believe it'll be a little too far out of our way for us to manage this summer.

we'll probably get to the visitor's center in nova scotia, but not much further. (i've been told it depends on how long we screw around at hopewell rocks.)

it's ok, though- have to save something for next time. isn't there a ferry between nova scotia and newfoundland? nf is on our "to do" list......

duff said...

sibling: i clicked and got an error message....i'll have to look into that.

Carla said...

Hey! Great Riverbanks pics. I was there last year in April, but I didn't realize there was a baby koala there!

Also, rock on is a cool phrase, but please don't start using rockin' and rollin'. Two supervisors at my job do that and it grates on my nerves!

Cool blog, though. Love the duckies!

duff said...

carla: the baby, karoo, was born late last year. it finally came out of lottie's pouch this spring (march, i think)....most people missed seeing it.

hopefully killarney's offspring will have better luck.

thanks for stopping by- and for the compliments.

Mama said...

I believe the proper response to kayaking in the Bay of Fundy this summer is: Not no, but HELL no!

I've made the motel reservations for Wednesday night. We have to be there no later than 6PM which, by the time we get on the road and into Hopewell Rocks, will leave us only and hour or two to do whatever. The kayaking can wait for another time.

Mossy Stone said...

There is indeed a ferry from NS to NL. Penny will tell you that it's a long and arduous journey. A lot of people prefer hopping on a commuter flight for that trek.

duff said...

how long and arduous? would mama be able to knit a sweater during that time? cuold i organize the photos i've taken of the kids at school during the year?

if so, i'm so there. i'm all about multitasking.

and, mama, the proper answer is: yes.

Stef said...

While you're travelling about New England, can you turn in the general direction of Haverhill, Mass. and flip off my ex husband for me? Have a great time! --Stef

duff said...

consider it done, stef. :~)