Saturday, July 16, 2005

a few new faces

in the interest of broadening one's horizons once again, it's time again for a cruise around the blogosphere.

first, as you may have read, i passed the 10,000 pageload mark on the fourth of july. as promised, here's a link to the blog of number 10,000.

while exploring that blog, i stumbled upon this one.

also, while clicking around other folks' blogs, i found this, this, and this- all interesting and worthwhile diversions.

also, while i'm providing links, here's one of my regular readers. and here's another.

which reminds me- one of these days, i need to tinker with my sidebars again. perhaps after the rollout of my supersecret project.

finally, here are a few blogs found by clicking that convenient "next blog button" (and skipping the sales blogs, offers to see various actresses naked, and anime click-throughs):

songs about coffee
jane loves tarzan

any other suggestions?


Carla said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug!


ltlme said...

hey sis, mom and i are in waterford, we agree that the crystal factory tour sucks. if you ever come to ireland and take a tour which happens to include waterford crystal factory....stay on the bus and sleep. it's not worth the pain. however, the five thousand people from singapore in our group apparently enjoyed it to no end. oh, and i've talked mom into kissing the blarney stone tomorrow. yippie!!!!! you'll be fine at the duran duran concert. just imagine them naked, unless you want them, then you're screwed.

Stef said...

Hey there! Thanks for the link!

HermanTurnip said...

Was ego surfing and came across your blog. Many thanks for the plug of my website Wizard Needs Food Badly. I appreciate it! :)