Saturday, July 09, 2005

setting the footwear free

after a busy week, i'm taking the easy way out. screw the pedicure- i'll just paint over the top of my old nail polish with something glittery.....which will certainly disguise the fact that i'm trying to camouflage about five different shades of nail polish, all in various stages of chipping.

my newly painted toes would go nicely with the abandoned sandals i keep seeing on my way to work in the morning. no- i don't pass any stores on the way to school.......this particular pair of shoes has been lounging in the middle of the road, like fearless, aggressive hitchhikers, for at least the past month. i assume if no one has claimed them by now, they're not going to.

many mornings, as i've waited at the busy intersection to turn onto the school's street, i have sat and pondered at length the origins of these giant sandals. (there's no left-turn signal, so i usually wind up sitting until the light turns yellow and then scooting across before the other drivers' light switches over to green. i hate doing it that way, but if i wait for an opening during a green light, i'd be about fifteen minutes later to work than i already am.) are they there by accident? did they fly out the window, seeking adventure? or were they flung out of the window after their owner found something new and improved at the shoe store down the road? did they fall off the foot of a passenger classy enough to prop their feet up on the car windowsill during a road trip? were they hurled at a passenger after commenting that the driver's butt looked big in that dress?

anyway, i've had ample time to wonder about these shoes. they appear to be fairly large black shoes- the sort of sandals that feature a wide band across the top of the foot to hold the sole (and footbed and midsole, for you technically-minded shoe geeks) onto the foot. i must say, after sitting in the middle of the road for the past month, the shoes are still in pretty good shape. (i mean, it's not like they can be dusted off and resold or anything like that, but they look like they have some life left in them.)

how often do you see a pair of shoes on the road? usually, it's just one shoe abandoned at the side of the road....but two? (perhaps i'll tackle the mystery of the single abandoned shoe in another post...unless someone else beats me to it.) you almost never see two matching shoes at the side of the road. (or at least i never do- though maybe i'm just not looking closely enough.)

did anyone else see the movie identity? didn't amanda peet throw a pair of shoes out of her convertible at the beginning of the film? i've been wondering about this lately- though not enough to go out and buy the dvd.

perhaps she's the culprit. yes- that's it. amanda peet has taken time off from her acting career to drive around the country, throwing pairs of used women's shoes out of her car at 60 mph while laughing. giddily.

isn't that a mental picture?


.: raven :. said...

it's a sign. both shoes are there because someone else was supposed to have them ... so maybe it's you!

and to be there for a month ... definitely .. you're supposed to have them. get the shoes.

duff said...

next time i'm stuck at that $%&^ing light, i'm hopping out and grabbing them.

but if they are, in fact, too large, i'll put them back in case someone else could use them.

i'm nice like that.

Avery's mom said...

I hear amanda peet has pretty large feet.....
hi, just wandered over from raven's blog and am nosing around.

duff said...

you know, robyn, i think i heard that same thing in a magazine article a while back.....

glad you found your way here- thanks for stopping by.

Carla said...

Well, a) be careful grabbing those shoes from the middle of the road, and b) spray those suckers with some serious germ killers, because you don't know whose feet have been in them.

duff said...

i've already stuck a can of lysol in one of the drink holders in my car. :)

Mossy Stone said...

Guys note: This whole "shoe" thing is something you'll never, ever understand and you shouldn't even try. Just nod your head and go with the flow. It's easier that way. ;-)