Sunday, July 10, 2005 shouldn't, really

one of my sunday rituals is to work my way through the sunday edition of the state newspaper during my wnok shift. sometimes, i manage to finish before i switch stations at 3....and sometimes i'm still clipping coupons and pondering the disappearance of opus during my last shift of the day, which ends around midnight. anyway, before i can settle down with today's paper, i need to share a couple of newsworthy items from yesterday's edition.

first, a selection from elsewhere in the south:

Parents hire stripper for son's 16th

man, i didn't even get a party for my 16th birthday, let alone a male stripper. now, i feel even more deprived than before. the thing that gets me is the last line:

"We even had grandpa there," she said.

maybe they'd have been better off claiming the stripper was for grandpa and that the kids just "happened" to wander in.

as is, i'm sure that sixteen year old's "awesome" parents were the talk of the school on monday morning.

"hey, man- did you hear what jimmy's parents got him for his birthday? i'm totally going to his party next year!"

and now, something a little more local:

(this is from the "police blotter" section of yesterday's paper. a link is not yet available on the state's website, but i'll try to remember to check again in a day or two and link to it, if possible. in the meantime....)


Sunset Boulevard, 5600 block: A woman called police at 2:50 p.m. Wednesday after a potential customer in a tanning salon exposed himself to her. The woman told officers that the man had come into the salon asking to see the standing tanning booth. She showed it to him and gave him the price list to look at. He went to the end of the counter in full view of the employee and exposed himself, making comments about getting burned there during the tanning session.



ltlme said...

Maybe he was just really stupid and didn't realize that he was suppose to wait to strip when he got in his private room.

When I use to tan, I would make sure to watch the employees spray and wipe down my booth and asked what kind of cleaning solution they used after seeing other patrons that should never be without clothing.

.: raven :. said...

the stripper thing?

ugh .... we are going to be reading about that kind in 5 or 10 years .... and not in a good way.

the other thing?


i have many witty things to say on that matter ... but in the essence of not clogging up the comments section of your blog .. i'll just keep it at:


duff said...

go right ahead, raven- that's what the comments section is here for. :)

Larry said...

Maybe, he was too embarrassed to use the word "penis" so he just whipped it out and showed her what he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to know what the Exposer was wearing at the time? I mean, did he sort of "open his robe," as it were, or did he have to unzip his pants and do the "fat hip wiggle" thing, too?

Oh, I'm wrong. This is a bad first comment to leave on your blog. :(

duff said...

the article didn't say what he wore- if anything. maybe we'll get lucky and there will be some sort of an update later in the week.

and it was a great first comment to leave- thanks for stopping by.

ltlme said...

no calls from radio fan this weekend?

duff said...

only one call yesterday, and it was pretty boring. i don't even remember what the conversation was about, but it wasn't worth posting. perhaps there will be something memorable for my birthday next weekend...or i could dig up the card he sent last year and scan it in or something.

duff said...

you know, maybe the tanning salon guy just didn't have any good pickup lines.

ltlme said...

he sent you a card for your birthday? eek.

Mossy Stone said...

I'm sensing a big "Three's Company" sort of misunderstanding.

But that's just me. I mean, I've never exposed myself to anyone at the tanning place. :P

Larry said...

Okay, I'll bite. Where have you exposed yourself to somebody?

Callie said...

I'm thinking in the bedroom with Penny. At least, that's what I'm HOPING.

I'll log this under reason #3 why I never go to tanning salons.

DAEgirl said...

u have an awesome blog. the stripper thingy, omg, that's crazy. what kind of parents are they? i luc ur blog i'll have to keep coming