Thursday, July 21, 2005


i am tired. dead tired. dog tired. pooped.

duran duran - charlotte 7/20/05

duran duran

we didn't get to meet the band- the "meet and greet", we were told, had been cancelled. however, we had great seats...which worked out well, because the digital camera we'd borrowed for the concert (no zoom on ours) had a dead battery. we were in the 13th row, though one of the security guards was kind enough to let me run to the front of the aisle to take pictures during the encore. (this was after walking up to me- right after i'd taken bodhi's picture- and said "what's with the gnome?")

in addition to the permitted cameras (folks who'd forgotten theirs could purchase disposables for a mere $15 each), there were camera phones all over the place. i'm afraid i found it more than a little unsettling when i counted more folks waving cell phones instead of lighters during "ordinary world". what a sign of the times........

but it was totally worth it.


NJ said...

Knowing your musical taste, you must have been in heaven! Sounds like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duff, I just saw you linked to my blog. Thanks for that, I've already returned the favour!

Danikabur said...

Sorry about the meet and greet being cancelled! Glad you had a good time anyway

Dirty Gypsy said...

Sweet! Glad it was a good show! I was just listening to their greatest hits yesterday. Good stuff.

duff said...

nj: duran duran has been my second favorite band (behind inxs) since i was 9- i was wired.....the only thing that would've been better would have been actually meeting them. ah well- maybe next tour.

kunstemaecker: thanks for noticing- hope it gains you a few more devoted readers.

danikabur: it's okay- this way, i have a little more time to think of witty, charming things to say, so that when i actually meet the band, i can forget them all and come up with the usual "i'm your biggest fan!" while i wet myself.

gypsy: i like the greatest hits album, though it overlooks a few of my favorites....and i prefer the original, unremixed version of "the reflex".