Saturday, July 16, 2005

24 hours left....

man, what a week.

first, let me apologize for not checking in very often this week. it was a busy one, to say the least- i think i made it home before 11 p.m. a grand total of once.....and by the time i stumbled through the front door, getting to the bed before passing out was a higher priority than hopping on the internet.

maybe i'll make up for it this weekend- after all, i can think of a lot of stuff i want to write about.

anyway, back to my week:

monday: first day of my current, slightly hectic schedule. headed to work half an hour early (after waking up half an hour earlier than usual- ugh. i am not a morning person), then left an hour early so i could drive to the station to pick up tk's 15 month old. after he arrived home a couple of hours later, drove over to my evening gig and worked until 11:30. (this repeats on tuesday and thursday.)

tuesday: mama's birthday. if i don't do the math, i still think she's 45. (then again, if i don't do the math, i think i'm only 23. it's hard to believe my little sister's older than that.)

speaking of birthdays, i found out that i'm getting the tickets to the duran duran concert i asked for.....and apparently i'll be meeting the band, as well. naturally, i'm petrified. i placed a midnight call to my sibling to appeal for bodhi's speedy return to SC for a possible photo op with *swoons* john taylor.

you know that scene in wayne's world where wayne and garth meet alice cooper? i can only hope to be that composed. no matter how many intelligent, witty things i think of to say to these guys, i know it will all fly right out of my head as soon as they're standing (or sitting- whichever) in front of me. eek.

(yes, i'll have the digital camera with me so i can document the whole thing- perhaps we can make a video of yours truly standing there, mouth nervous i'm actually vibrating.)

wednesday: since my driver's license expires on my birthday (this sunday- i'm guessing the dmv is not going to be open), i explored the nifty online renewal system available to south carolina drivers. a couple of mouse clicks (and the low low price of $12.50) later, i've got a brand new license, complete with my correct address.

took the night off from my post-after work babysitting gig so i could finally take care of the avon order that was spread out all over my living room. somehow, i still didn't make it to bed until after midnight.

thursday: woke up to the horrifying news that one of my coworkers at the radio station had been shot in the station parking lot that morning. needless to say, i was more than a little nervous about coming to work this morning. the police presence in the parking lot calmed me down immensely as i pulled into the lot. as far as i know, the fools who did this are still on the loose.

friday: since we'll be on our way to maine less than a week from today, i figured it was a good time to drag my car over to my fantastic mechanic in elgin, sc. at the advanced age of not-quite-four years old, my chariot has racked up nearly 64,000 miles. (don't cringe- that's nothing- i'm still breaking it in.) anyway, with the big trip coming up, i figured there was no time like the present to take care of a much-needed oil change and get the timing belt replaced a little early. (better to take care of it now than have something go SPROING! while we're on the road.)

note to self: next time, apply bug repellant before visiting the mechanic. i think maybe four square inches of my skin remains unscathed. *scratching furiously*

my assistant and the little people in my classroom sent me out to write the weekly letter after naptime was over. when i returned, i was treated to grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and cheesy poofs while being serenaded by the little people singing "happy birthday". my assistant (with help from the little ones, of course) made a "card" with each kid's photo on a background created by the little ones themselves. very cool.

as for my weekend plans- i'm working. (i know- big surprise.) someone told me yesterday i need to take a day off. i will- 8 1/2 of them, in fact- starting next weekend. until then, however, my nose is firmly attached to the grindstone.(except for my brief encounter with one of my favorite freaking bands....maybe i should pack a depends, just in case.)


Carla said...

Oh. My. God. You are meeting Duran Duran?! I hate you. Hate you!!!!


But you must post pics!

Larry said...

My suggestion, hide Bohdi in your pocket until you are standing with them getting your pic taken, then give one guy bunny ears and make it look like bohdi is standing on the other ones head.

Just a thought.

Also, don't buy the depends. You could come out of this with a great, "I peed on John Taylor." story. It might not be great for you, but, think about your readers.

duff said...

ah, yes- it's all about humiliating myself to entertain my readers, isn't it?

Carla said...

Of course, everyone loves everyone else's embarrassing moments. Just look at America's Funniest Home Videos; that freakin' show is STILL ON THE AIR.

Speaking of... that's a thought once you videotape your experience! :-)

bricotrout said...

so youre meeting the Fab 5... about 4 of my ex girlfriends from high school have now placed you on either their hit list or temporary best friend list. is john taylor still sporting that mullet?

duff said...

there's still an audience for america's funniest? i'm afraid that notion totally blows my mind.

as for the current state of john taylor's hair: the last time i checked, the wild mullet had been tamed. however, he can sport any sort of hair he wants (just don't crush the dream and tell me he's going bald), and i will still find him unnervingly sexy.