Monday, July 18, 2005

a few monday morning diversions

my birthday got pretty much rained out, so i had ample time to find things to amuse myself with in an effort to further put off the real work i could have been attending to.

the movie poster quiz

i got 15 out of 15- how about you?

oh- i found this a little late, but here's what they had to say about my birthday over at blogthings:

Your Birthdate: July 17

Your birth on the 17th day of the month suggests that you are very lucky financially, because this date indicates a solid business sense.

Although you are probably very honest and ethical, this birthday enables you to be shrewd and successful in the world of business and commercial enterprise.

You have excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities enabling you to handle large projects and significant amounts of money with relative ease.

You are ambitious and highly goal-oriented, although you may be better at starting projects than you are at finishing them.

A sensitivity in your nature, often repressed below the surface of awareness, makes it hard to give or receive affection.

and another contribution from blogthings:

In 1978 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter is president of the US

US Senate votes to turn over the Panama Canal to Panama on December 31, 1999

Israel and Egypt reach a peace settlement at the Camp David Accords

The US and mainland China announce that they will restore full diplomatic relations

Members of Jim Jones' People's Temple commit mass suicide in Guyana

Pope John Paul II becomes the first non-Italian pope in centuries

Ted Bundy is captured in Florida

The first computer bulletin board system is created

Garfield debuts in newspapers

Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant, Usher, Clay Aiken, and Nelly Furtado are born

New York Yankees win the World Series

Dallas Cowboys win Superbowl XII

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Saturday Night Fever and Grease are the top grossing films

"Night Fever" by the Bee Gees spends the most time at the top of the US charts

Diff'rent Strokes and Mork & Mindy premiere

What Happened the Year You Were Born?

More cool things for your blog at

just when i wondered if i'd ever amount to anything, this came along:

finally, something for larry:

Which monkey are you?
Another pointless diversion from Bijouriel


Larry said...

I read thru this post and almost didn't go back to do the other stuff. I was so enamored with the monkey. I am see no evil monkey my "reality check has bounced".

I was also fifteen out of fifteen. But that was almost unfair with about a third of those comprising movies I would rank at the top of my all time list.

Kars ! said...

interesting, but most of the attribs that was listed on my "What does your birthday mean" were i think incorrect or is it some kinda of a dark force lurking inside of me.. uh nooooooooo !!!

Kal said...

15 of 15, of course (they should've obscured the actor's names, I might have blown the Shawshank Redemption).

Dirty Gypsy said...

Duff: Happy Birthday, late! Hope it was a good one...

Um, and I got 16 out of 15 on the movie quiz. O-kay...I'm not sure how that works, but obviously that means I RULE!! MWAHAHAHAAA!!

Labbie said...

I am a "Speak No Evil Monkey"... Hehehe, "evil monkey", like the one Chris is scared of on "Familiy Guy"... Hehehe...

duff said...

larry: aha- you liked the monkey, did you? one of these days, when i have free time again, i will have to find another monkey quiz. (i shudder to think what might come up were i to google that.....)

kars!: it's the force, obviously. thanks for stopping by- i enjoy seeing new faces on here.

kal: i agree- the names shouldv'e been obscured- this was almost too easy.

gypsy: thanks for the birthday wishes. it was as good as can be expected when one is spending 14 hours in a windowless building, fielding phone calls from kids with jessica simpson and 50 cent fixations.

Tachizuno said...

hehe... happy belated birthday.

added you to my blogroll at:

check it out, and add me if you like it.

I got a 15/15 on the posters, didn't try the monkey thing yet.

keep it up, like your site.

Tachizuno said...

I was a Hear No Evil monkey as well...

The Chairman said...

yup. also got top marks on the movie quiz.

.: raven :. said...

ugh .. i got 14 out of 15 right on the movie quiz ... damn cat!!!!

duff said...

tachizuno: i made your blogroll? i'm honored. glad you like what you see here.

chairman: another new face- welcome.

raven: you got one with a cat? or did you have "help" taking the quiz?