Wednesday, July 27, 2005

oh, canada

i don't have time to get caught up on comments, but wanted to post a quick "hello" from st. stephen, new brunswick. (gotta love these free internet stations.) i've got a pile of pictures to tinker with when we get back to south carolina (possibly the d.c. area the night before), and a few subjects for posts when i get back.....thrilling things like:

~perhaps maine has lobster rolls at mc donald's after all
~how not to give yourself a hot oil treatment
~how to stop the pain after burning yourself during a hot oil treatment
~border crossings- a whole new sort of pain in the butt

okay- my fifteen minutes is to hopewell rocks (and, eventually, prince edward island) we go.


ltlme said...

um, look towards waiting to upload when you get home.
I'm using someone else's wi-fi that goes in and out.

duff said...

i couldn't get near one of the computers just across the nova scotia border, but now that we're back on the new brunswick side, i have a brief moment to post. the fog during the drive up was pretty bad- had we gone to hopewell, i'm sure i'd have nothing but fog pictures to share (as exciting as those are.....) so, the current game plan is to head to prince edward island tomorrow, and then stop by hopewell rocks on the way back to maine on friday.


oh- remind me to tell you about the importance of blowing on hot potato skins before placing them in your mouth.......and why it's not a good idea to eat fries with vinegar as your tongue is trying to heal from the after-effects of hot potato skins. (yes, folks, i tend to learn things the hard way.)

time to head back to sackville for some long-overdue lobster.

Danikabur said...

Oooh you should try poutine while in Canada :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip!

Dirty Gypsy said...

Duff, be careful! :) I sympathize, because I tend to be sort of accident-prone too.

And like Dani says, enjoy the rest of your trip! I'm looking forward to seeing pics.

freewriter said...

PEI! euwasome!

Digitalicat said...

Try to sneak a few Cubans home with you.

By which I mean cigars, of course.

Larry said...

Damn, Dig, for a minute their I thought you were lookin for a new dish washer. :P

Glad to hear you are havin a good time. Right now I wish I was in Canada, but you will find out why, when you get back.