Sunday, July 31, 2005

the long road home

i've got a few moments to post while staying at my sister's place.....though not long enough to run downstairs and get the notes i took in the car yesterday. (i had plenty of time to write- we got stuck in traffic twice- the toll area along i-95 in new hampshire and the massachusetts turnpike were both horrible. between those...delays and the wild goose chase around lowell, massachusetts (i wanted to get my national park passport stamped at the lowell mill, but several streets were blocked off for the "lowell folk festival".... and after a good twenty minutes of driving in circles, i finally gave up, hopped out of the car, and asked a niced couple having a picnic lunch if they could provide me with directions back to the highway. perhaps the timing will work out a little better next summer.), a twelve hour drive wound up taking about fourteen.)

anyway, where was i?

pictures and notes...right. i have a ton of pictures (enough for one a day at the photo blog plus several here and maybe a few on bodhi's blog.) with any luck, i'll be able to get a few posted after we get home this evening. (that'd be in between dealing with the avon order, returning phone calls from folks who forgot i was on vacation, and trying to unpack my fully-loaded car, of course.)

however, i promise they'll be worth your while.

on today's agenda: visit the local grocery store to stock up on sabatino's salad dressing (it's okay if you have no idea what i'm talking about- it's an italian restaurant in baltimore that is near and dear to my heart), utz potato chips, and crab soup, meet up with potential cousin-in-law in d.c., wander around town with him a little bit (after all, i have a few more cancellations on my passport to collect), and then head home.

isn't that the worst part of vacation- the first day back at work? i am not ready.

however, labor day weekend isn't far off- perhaps we can manage a quick getaway then........


.: raven :. said...

welcome home :)

Dirty Gypsy said...

Good luck back at work. I know how you feel. The absolute worst day I ever had at work was when I got back from Costa Rica. Augh! :)

Labbie said...

Have a safe trip home... Can't wait to see the pic's.

Eleanor said...

Welcome home. And how on earth do you get so many comments? I love your duckies, they're so cute!

duff said...

hello new faces, old faces, and raven's new face: thanks for checking in...and bearing with me and my infrequent posting. hopefully i'll get back into a regular habit soon- though it may take me a little while. (ever stop long enough to think to yourself, "man, something's got to give?" i had one of those sorts of days.)

however, while you wait for something new and somewhat meaningful to appear and bump this post down a spot, why not check out the photo blog?

Kunstemæcker said...

Man how I hate the last day of holiday and the first day of work.

Who was the economic smartass that decided to build up our society like that? I should join Hare Krishna or something.

Kim said...

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