Saturday, July 09, 2005

twenty things.......

it's been far too long since i was last on bricotrout's blog. so, after checking in with the blogs on my sidebar (after all, i've been out of action for nearly a week- a lot can happen in that amount of time!), i cruised on over to satori designs for a long-overdue visit......

........and there it was- inspiration!

ten things i'm a sucker for

1. blue-eyed boys with a good sense of humor
2. dvd sets of tv shows from my youth (defined as anytime from my birth to the present)
3. tacos
4. "buy one, get one free" *of equal or lesser value
5. "add a side salad or a taco to your entree for $1"
6. rubber duckies
7. "i'll pay you......"
8. absolut vodka ads
9. travel- especially if there's a potential for outdoor adventure
10. 80s pop culture references (refer to this and you'll see what i mean)

ten things i would do well to change about myself

1. my temper. i will resist the urge to throw things when frustrated. scratch that. i will take up some sort of hobby where throwing things could be constructive.
2. learn to say "no" more often- even if a money earning opportunity is at hand- because sometimes sleep and personal time are more important than fattening up my bank account
3. eat fewer tacos
4. since #3 is highly unlikely, i could stand to get a little more exercise
5. spend less, save more (i do pretty well, but could stand to improve)
6. procrastinate less
7. unclutter more (or is it "declutter"? either way, i need to go through my worldly possessions and figure out what to keep and what to donate/recycle/toss)
8. decrease the number of times i hit "snooze" in the morning
9. get caught up on my journal- it's been months, and i've forgotten the details of most of the personal reflections/events i was going to scribble about.
10. resist the urge to hop out of my car and give slow drivers a push. in fact, instead of getting frustrated with them, and suggesting they wind the rubber band/feed the hamster, i will keep my mouth busy by singing along with the first song i hear on the radio (unless i don't like it, in which case i will pop in kick and sing along to it, instead.)

how about you?


Kal said...

You lead, I follow. Posted it over at my place.

ltlme said...

i used it as well....

Anonymous said...

I got blue eyes.

duff said...

kunstemaecker: eyes, and foreign travel would be required? i am so there. let me dig up my passport.

.: raven :. said...

*hearing the Love Boat Theme in the background*

duff said...


not until the dollar strengthens a bit.

unfortunately, by then it'll be time for a new passport.

ltlme said...

check your email. i just sent something important to it.

freewriter said...

ONE thing i would do well to change about myself:

take more chances!

duff said...

sibling: got it- check out bodhi's blog.

freewriter: that's about the other 9?

Larry said...

I got blue eyes and a sense of humor. I can't compete with the foreign travel thing though.

ltlme said...

you want to remove the "www" out of the link to bodhi's blog. It returns with an error. Btw, that pic was taken with Aristotle. I haven't gotten him with Plato yet.

duff said...

hmmm- let's try this:

bodhi's blog

ltlme said...

yup, that works even better! btw, i have another episode of time to ponder on my blog. I want honest answers..

freewriter said...

i can't think of 9 more. i must be an arrogant s.o.b.

oh, ok, one more: make more $

duff said...

freewriter: there's one more- stop being so damn arrogant.