Thursday, June 23, 2005

eye candy and crappy driving

before i get to the point of this evening's post (i figured it might be a novel idea to actually have one, for once.), let me announce that there was an eye candy sighting today at work.

one of these days, i'll figure out how to sneak a picture of you can either swoon or say "uh....another one of those "personality things", eh?" (i am notorious for developing crushes based on personality....but that's best left to explore in a future post.)

where was i? (sometimes cute boys make me forget what it was i was thinking/talking about/doing. i call it "hunk-induced amnesia"....if i remember right.)

anyway, tonight's post is actually inspired by a genius out on the roads of columbia this evening.

(i think it really says something that south carolina allows you to get your license without subjecting you to any sort of driving/written test as long as you can somehow prove that another state considered you fit to operate some sort of vehicle on the open road. however, those bastards took my missouri license, which had a very good picture of yours truly, and would not give it back, saying that it had to be sent back to missouri so they'd know i moved. *hack hack cough cough bullshit! cough cough hack hack*

i wanted to kick somebody in the kneecaps after that line of crap.)

but this evening's post isn't about the special folks at the dmv (which, by the way, i am to visit next month...and this time i'm keeping an iron grip on my old license.)- it's about some of the folks they actually let behind the wheel of a car.

there i was, minding my own business, driving home from this evening's babysitting gig on a winding two lane road, when i abruptly had to slow down at an intersection. normally this would not be a big deal. however, what i found strange was that there was no apparent reason for the stoppage. the light was green, and had been for quite some time.....yet we were at a standstill. i stuck my head out the window and saw the reason for the stoppage. a wayward driver had gotten himself into the left turn lane, then realized he actualy needed to go straight. instead of letting the folks who knew where they were going cross the intersection and then take the opportunity to correct his error, there he was, sitting in the left lane, with his right turn signal on. the kind soul at the front of my lane was waiting for the guy to go, but apparently the guy didn't understand the gesture.

had i not still been in a good mood from this morning's eye candy sighting, perhaps i would have come up with a few gestures of my own.

i'd barely made it through that intersection and gotten back up to third gear when another gifted driver made his presence known. two cars ahead of me, this new station wagon was zipping down the road with its left turn signal flashing. since there weren't any obvious left hand turns on this stretch of road, and this vehicle didn't look like it was equipped for a spontaneous run through the woods, i was more than a little confused. the signal was turned off briefly, but then resumed its flashing as soon as the car pulled up to the train tracks. i was hoping the driver would follow through on his turn at that point (a darwin award for sure!), but no......he crossed the tracks safely, and then, with left signal still flashing, executed a right turn into the gas station.


as he turned, i noticed the temporary tag on the car. (until recently, south carolina didn't have temp tags.....some of the other interesting quirks of south carolina may be explored if my fan doesn't provide me with any good blog fodder this weekend......but i digress.) i'm guessing his license came free with the car's purchase.

speaking of driving, tomorrow evening, i will be blogging while monitoring another truck race. (yee haw!)

this will allow me plenty of time to think up a new musical challenge. with that in mind, feel free to tackle the current one if you have not done so already.


da sister said...

intersting you should talk about turn signals........on my commute home from work today, I was behind a state trooper that had his left turn signal on for the 6 miles that I was behind him.....and we were on a highway.

Licenses come out of cheerio boxes.
I didn't have to test either.

Guitarroy said...

I thought them driver licenses came from CrackerJack boxes. I guess diffrent states have diffrent ways to hand them out.

I think when I was like nine or ten some drunk ran up on the sidewalk and almost hit us. My smart ass respopnse was where you learned to drive Alabama. Now I have not or have ever been to Alabama especially at the age of 10 or whatever but I guess in my young mind that was a good comment. For the drunk I guess he really did learn to drive there he got out of the car and started knocking me about. Poor guy because he got to meet a really angry ex marine about 30 minutes later.

*disclaimer* I mean no offence to anyone that lives or comes from Alabama. I just have preceived notions from what Larry has told me.

Mossy Stone said...

My colleague has some interesting archived rants about vehicular stupidity in the Greater Toronto Area. We get the Out-of-province drivers competing with the fresh-off-the-place/boat/bus drivers for space in the halls of shame.

Mossy Stone said...

supposed to be fresh-off-the-PLANE

although I'm sure there are some freshly arrived on the planet.

The Dating Doctor said...

Thanks for your blog! It is a great outlet from a long day at work!

Keep spreading the good word!!!

-- Kara

R. U. Serious said...

You know, stuff like that happens and then people wonder why I kill strangers driving Chevelle's.

Damned If I Know

Digitalicat said...

Michigan used to do this too. No road test was required at all, even if you've never had a license. As you might imagine, Michigan's Upper Peninsula has the worst drivers in the midwest.

Danikabur said...

I live in the city with the worst drivers in North America. They did a study. We have to write a test and drive for a test. You'd think we'd be better...

Kal said...

Aw, c'mon now. You guys wouldn't last a minute in Boston.

Stopping for Yellow lights is for wussies. For that matter, so is stopping for red.

Larry said...

Kal, i have never been to boston but are the cabbies like in new york where they play tag with your bumpers?

duff said...

ooohhh...bumper cars! can i play? huh? huh? please.....?

kidding. though i am overdue for a trip to an amusement park......