Friday, June 17, 2005

who needs to go out on a friday night?

this should be short, since i'm at work and have to get a few things done so i can leave by 1 a.m.- and come back 5 hours later.

sleep? what's that?

it's amazing what a great motivator poverty can be, isn't it?

one of the great things about coming into the station tonight (besides the slightly larger paycheck) is that i was able to talk my way into getting taco bell. i managed to suck down 4 tacos and most of an orange soda without spilling any of it on my white tank unheard of feat, as i rarely make it through the day without slopping something onto myself. (this, is why i usually sport clothing from the grey family, as it camouflages spills better than white does.)

then again, there's about a quarter of a can of orange soda left.

it feels like i have a hunk of tortilla stuck on one of my rear brackets. i should probably dig out the trusty toothbrush and take care of it here pretty soon. i'm headed back to the orthodontist monday for a new wire (i think), reattachment of a couple of brackets (those damned hooky ones keep snagging on random bits of food), and a new color (the sparkly green bands i should've gotten last time). somehow i doubt he'd be thrilled to see a gift from taco bell clinging to my molar.

you know what? that remaining orange soda is going to taste great with the minty fresh taste left by my toothpaste.

lesson learned: think before you brush. ugh.

okay- back to work. wait- before i go- kal and penny brought this up.

i took it, clicked for results, and got an error message.

perhaps my time would be better spent on another taco.


Labbie said...

Sleep is that thing you do for a few seconds at a time where you bob your head like your heading a soccer ball into the net. Only thing is, you're not heading a soccer ball into the net. Rather, your brain is shutting down for a few seconds to catch up with reality. The rest of "normal" people do this not for seconds at a time, but for hours at a time... Some slobs do it for almost days at a time.

Digitalicat said...

Have you ever considered getting a few t-shirts that say something like "there's no way you like tacos more than me?"

duff said...

lab boy: ah, yes- i've heard rumors about people who do that sort of thing. they're just lazy.

digi: i know a couple of people who like them more than i do, though.

i've got a few other t shirt ideas, though......

how about "there's no way you like digitalicat more than me?"

i mean, uh, larry. yeah- maybe i need two shirts.

duff said...

make that three-

"what would blogjesus do?"

Larry said...

I always wanted a shirt that said "Broads Hate Me". If you couldn't tell my goal in life is to egg people on. Also my brother is in the process of getting a shirt made for me that says, "I'm not a private investigator" so I can wear it while working.

I actually completely missed this post.

duff said...

you missed a post? i thought you were hanging on my every word......

Larry said...

I don't mean to disappoint but every once in a while I don't scroll down far enough.