Wednesday, March 29, 2006

dum dum da da da dum dum da dum

if you're a fairly regular reader, you'll note that i often refer to my "mental jukebox". i'm not sure whether it's normal or not (heck- why start being normal now?), but i almost constantly have songs running through my head.

sometimes, i'll get lucky, and the song of the moment will be something decent. for example, i spent most of yesterday roaming around the workplace singing "hey jealousy".* today's song wasn't bad either, but we'll get back to that in a minute or two.

unfortunately, some days, i'm just not so lucky. earlier this week, i spent approximately 4 hours, suffering through "ice, ice baby". perhaps it would not have been quite so agonizing if i'd been able to recall more than

"alright- stop, collaborate and listen
vanilla ice with a brand new edition"

(hey- i didn't say my mental jukebox always played things accurately.)

sometimes, to compound matters, my train of thought also comes into play. like, for instance, reading the above makes me think of, naturally, new edition....which is okay (in my book) when it leads me to "if it isn't love", but not so okay when i think about bobby brown, which can lead to whitney houston, and then i find myself stuck with "i will always want to slit my wrists when i hear this song....errr...i you" for the next day and a half.

aw, great. dammit whitney- get out of my noggin.

so- out of necessity, back to today, when i had the kinks on the brain.**

unfortunately, i have not heard "come dancing" recently enough to really get going on the lyrics, which probably explains why all i had in my head was a bit of......keyboard? steel drum? xylophone? i don't know- some solo by a "tropical" instrument and the line "come's only natural".

which, when no one was looking, was exactly what i did.

*when no one was around to witness it, of course.
**note to the musically impaired: this does not mean i let my hair do its half-assed curly/wavy thing. once upon a time, there was a band called the kinks. whether or not their name came from their alleged kinkiness*** is beyond me. they were inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame in 1990, and their lead singer, ray davies, was recently interviewed in rolling stone.****
***totally making it up as i go here, folks.
****when you use this useless knowledge to win jeopardy, feel free to send me a portion of your winnings- i could use it to buy their greatest hits album which, i'm told, does not include "come dancing"


joey jo-jo jr. shabadoo said...

I think the kinks did "the letter" as well, I'm sure it's on the greatest hits.

joanne said...

Ice, ice, baby. Holy shhhmokes. I am sorry you had to endure that. La de da de da. I like come dancing. Reminds me of high school days.

mr_g said...

Come Dancing...that was their first "MTV" song...came out after "Destroyer" if I remember correctly. I remember when the video first came out. One of the earliest not to just show the band playing. Kinks were awesome....I learned "Father Christmas" on the piano so I could tell me wife I know how to play a Christmas song.