Tuesday, March 14, 2006

odds and ends...again

i've got multiple thoughts that i'm too tired to link together in some clever, witty way:

*latest cd purchases (last night):

1. boomkat- boomkatalog one
saw a couple of videos on our website, and couldn't get them out of my head. worked out to this one this morning.

2. nin- [with_teeth]
yes, i know you're proud of my excellent musical taste

3. bond- explosive- the greatest hits
again- hadn't heard this group (though they posed for maxim...or stuff...or blender- one of the above, anyway- awhile back) before, but i liked their videos and the next thing i knew, i was blowing $14.99 on this cd.

*why is it you can't wear a pair of shoes more than once without socks without them attaining a level of funk that makes even george clinton jealous?

*it was settled this evening- cancun in june, ireland next summer, india the following year. i'm psyched to finally get some new cancellations on my passport.

and on that note, time to go wash my funky feet yet again....blech.

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