Sunday, March 26, 2006

you can call me al*

just when you've given up on me, i finally manage to pound out a post. what can i say? it's been a busy sort of weekend. i've set up a myspace page for the station, and while i was at it, i played around with photoshop and customized my own, and updated both random photos and bodhi's blog, and i've put in beaucoup hours at the radio station, and scribbled on 100 avon catalogs so far and uhm....uh....surely there's something else i've accomplished that i'm forgetting.....

anyway, my point is that for once, i am actually getting stuff done on a weekend. this is a good thing, since maybe it'll lead to less stress later in the week and more time to catch up on stuff that needs to be done at home. (or, more likely, i'll just work late at work or something equally lucrative.)

okay- done patting myself on the back now. carry on.

*actually, i'm feeling more like super-accomplishment-girl (no cape- thanks), but paul simon started playing on my mental jukebox and, well, you know how hard it is to resist singing along.

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