Saturday, March 11, 2006

lest you think i'd forgotten....

it's saturday again. (please note: we'll skip next week's edition, mostly because i'm assuming most of my reguar particiapants will still be feeling the effects of the irish spirit....make that spirits, actually.)

this week's first word is avquerso. please scroll through the comments to find yours, and don't forget to leave a new made-up word for the next person who stops by. thanks.


Bobby said...

I am up WAY too early, and have to go get an estimate to fix my car, making me very avquerso.

Have a fun sentence saturday.


mr_g said...

Turning like a twillastic top, she didn't stop spinning until the music stopped.


duff said...

i was startled by the enormity of the giant schleppelpod that was recently added to the dinosaur/prehistoric animal exhibit at the museum of natural history. i knew it was big, but i hadn't expected it to be so large they had to cut a hole in the ceiling to accommodate its noggin.


bricotrout said...

he came from an isolated island off the coast of the lower antilles. of the indigineous isquitian tribe. he is this months national geographic centerfold.


Stef said...

The limpoplasm flowed thru her body as she lay eyes on the object of her desire. She realized she wanted him rather badly, and knew he felt likewise. The risk would be worth it.


chuckawucka said...

... I really should be focusing on my studies and assignments or else I'll end up in a colossal pile of gabranlar.


mr_g said...

After living years on the ACAWCHUCKUK Pinensula of Alaska, everyone was amazed that he would eat the yellow snow.


duff said...

wow- quiet week this week. we'll start things off on the 25th with
snozzleblasm, thanks to mr_g