Friday, March 10, 2006

how bizarre... you haven't heard that song in awhile- and for good reason, too, as it was almost as annoying as the macarena which, to this day, i cannot hear without going into convulsions.

anyway, i found out last night that SO was potentially going to have a work-related run-in with an old (short-lived) flame of mine. i told him to be sure to thank him for dumping me for my bad taste in music.

(please note that i have since assured SO that he is very highly unlikely to meet any of my other former boyfriends.)


in other news, i must admit that i've sort of joined the herd.

i joined myspace.

don't get excited- i'm still blogging here, not there, but i figured that after the third invitation hit my inbox (from the third different person, no less), i should register, if only to put up another link to this blog.


today's contribution to my "idiots on wheels" series will be up tomorrow- just have to transfer the image from camera to laptop, and i'm far too lazy to tackle such an ambitious task this evening.


Carla said...


duff, say it ain't so!

I refuse to do it. I will not!

duff said...

i didn't say i was going to customize anything or ditch blogger or anything like that....i did it mostly because i was sick of getting invites in my inbox.

there,'ll be okay.

(think of it as my latest diabolical plan to get more traffic over here, as that's where 3/4 of my links lead. *insert evil laugh here*)

Biscuit said...

Unfortunately, I have the *pleasure* of hearing How Bazarre quite often because my 5-year-old loves it. She normally has such great taste in music...