Saturday, March 11, 2006

it's a mistake..... (wait- that sounds familiar)

i made a horrible, terrible, awful mistake the other day, which caused reality to bite me in the ass- hard.

as i mentioned before, i'm babysitting all week, which would be the setting for my horrible, terrible, awful mistake.

the family has one of those super-accurate digital scales. should you ever encounter one of these horrible creations, the best action you could take would be to pick up a long, blunt object (like a plunger, perhaps), wave it at this electronic abomination while saying in your most menacing voice, "you stay right there, you evil, misguided machine, or else i'll beat some sense into you with this...this....plunger!"

do not, under any circumstances, attempt to actually step on said scale, because it will only result in heartbreak and tears. (just go ahead and trust me on this.)

should you need more advice on this matter, you'll find me on the treadmill 24/7 for the next five weeks.


Bobby said...

scales are the bane of my existence.

when i see one, i feel compelled to step on it, even though i know i will end up not being satisfied, no matter what the result.

i will take your advice from now on, and destroy them.

bricotrout said...

thats odd. ive never had a problem with them. in fact i keep hoping mine will say ive gained a few. oh well, wha are ya gonna do?