Monday, March 27, 2006

hold the flowers, please

i have an earth-shattering, life-changing revelation for you.

are you sitting down? (i know, i know- two days in a row is an awful lot to ask of a person, isn't it?)

well, are you?

okay *deep breath* here goes:

i am not a girly girl. i never have been, and i seriously doubt i ever will be.

need proof?

1. i cannot walk in heels....and i really have no intention of learning how to do it.

2. i subscribe to only one women's magazine, and that's only because they feature various exercises and recipes i might, eventually, sometime in the distant future, attempt to perform/concoct. (plus it was a "buy one, get one free subscription" deal, and you know how hard it can be to pass those up, don't you?)

3. i wear makeup maybe once a year, and that's only if forced- or bribed with a seriously high-dollar meal. (i'm not ashamed to admit i'll dress up for the melting pot.)

4. i can't stand pink. (the color, not the singer.....i think she's downright spunky, which reminds me that i really need to add her new album to my wish list.)

5. i have never gotten flowers- and i'm really very okay with that fact. i mean, why spend money on something that'll be dead in three days anyway?

6. i do not, nor have i ever, fantasize(d) about my eventual wedding. (forget the $5000 dress- do you know what kind of vacation i could take with that kind of money? australia, here i come!)

7. i do not get all hot and bothered over articles like "50 new ways to wear your lipstick" and "how to decorate your home using nothing but doilies and dead flowers".

8. i couldn't care less what oprah would do in any given situation.

9. barbie who?

10. i have always been a firm believer that wearing skirts gets in the way of climbing trees.

that said, i find it somewhat unsettling that the current state of my cuticles is actually bothering me at this moment.......enough to abandon this and chase down some hand cream, even.


Kristi said...

oh Yikes!
is it PMS?

I think though that a cuticle issue is just a matter of cleanliness and class. Not nescassarily a girlie thing. so relax.
Turns out you are just human.

Still scary maybe.....

Oh yes and NJ can be linked thru my blog from 'goober'

Anonymous said...

No shock and so what?

I like Duff for who Duff is. :)

thephoenixnyc said...

Now that's my kind woman!! Cheers, I am a friend of Joanne's.

; 0

Jo said...

How similar we are, Duff......although I like pink:)

DrM2B said...

Rock on sistah!!! "girlie" is sooo overrated...and why present something you are not later be someone else when all is calmed down and the honeymoon is over ? right?!? .....if they dont like it up front...well... its a waste of time anyway..... I love Duff for who Duff...nothing added!!! ~

Stef said...

you sound just like me... "girly girl" describes my sister (and her daughter-- but she's 7 so it's okay). I've been more of a tomboy, black sheep, the one who does things her way, just because she can.

I do like the color pink, though. Never used to. That's my niece's fault. I think.

Labbie said...

But what about the bubble baths and the rubber duckies? That's pretty girly. Unless, they're your boyfriend's, then it's pretty gay. Not that there's anything wrong with it... :p

chuckawucka said...

Spending over five grand on a dress that will be worn once is ridiculous, I agree. Given my current financial state (or lack there of), spending that much is inconceivable. Just think - US$5000 converted into CA$ could not only pay off a year's tuition in university and have change left over, it could pay off an entire college diploma! And STILL have change left over.

Which reminds me of something - everytime a news piece talks about how much a celebrity spends on a product, say like $20,000 dollars, I never contemplate about how wonderful that product is or anything. First thought in my mind - how many years of university could I afford? How many people could I send for full college tuition.

Guaranteed to be my first thought.