Sunday, March 12, 2006

who are you again?

as i mentioned a couple days ago, i did the unthinkable- i joined myspace.

i wasn't going to- i mean, i'm on friendster, and i have multiple blogs here, and i'm listed on just about every free college alumni page on the internet- but i was getting tired of invites from friends clogging up my inbox.

well, now instead of invites from friends, i'm getting messages from folks who want to sign me up for credit cards (what part of "no" do you not understand?), bands who want to be my friend (i liked it better back in the day- when folks just sent demos), and let's not forget the rather normal-looking guy last night who wanted to be my friend and when i clicked the link to see if he was a classmate of mine or something, i found something that was so completely unsafe for work (yeah- glad i clicked on that while on the innocent computer i've been checking my email on while babysitting this week) that i'm amazed i didn't immediately receive a call from dubya demanding to know why i was looking at such smut.


that said, i must admit i have spent time goofing around and searching for former classmates and what not- if for no other reason than to determine whether or not we're having a 10-year high school reunion this year. (i need this information for planning purposes- how much time to i have to become slim, gorgeous and filthy rich, just so every boy i ever had a crush on (and a few i didn't) will take one look and immediately regret not asking me out ten years ago. yeah- mature, i know.)

however, a problem has arisen.

i was having a hard time putting faces to names, so i grabbed one of my high school yearbooks last night for help.

well, i can (sort of) put faces to names now, but.....

who the hell are some of these folks?

i'm not just referring to people on myspace, but also (and this was very unsettling), as i was looking through the autographs/comments in my yearbook, i realized that i have not an inkling of who about 50% of my classmates are anymore.

do not give me a police lineup, because i'll fail miserably- unless, of course, we include every boy i had a crush on in high school, because i'm pretty sure i could pass that one with flying colors.


Biscuit said...

Just wait until you go to your 20 year reunion and spend the whole night trying to inconspicuously look at everybody's nametag while saying "Of COURSE I remember you!" And then after a couple glasses of wine you say things like "You're who? No you're not!"

Joefish said...

MySpace. You've crossed over to the bad place.

duff said...

jy biscuit: i have a sneaking suspicion i'll be saying that without any alcohol in my system.

joefish: ahem. i noticed that when i imported my address book, one of your past identities is listed on myspace. :~P

Joefish said...

My current identity is listed on MySpace, too. You can ignore old identities. I signed up several times just to look at some photos and then promptly forgot which e-mail address I used to register.

You've still crossed over to the bad place. :P