Monday, March 06, 2006

come on, just five more minutes?


lack of sleep and this nasty cold are not making me a happy camper. i thought about taking the goop SO so kindly bought for me at the store, but i resist taking any sort of medicine, plus i'm sure it'll just make me sleepy, which isn't helpful when i'm about to go home, hop on the treadmill (which, in this instance, may be a euphemism for "take a nap", but i'm in workout clothes and i do move around a bit when i sleep.....), and then get on with my day.

yeah- i said "go home". it's time once again for one of my favorite yearly rituals (that's right- mardi gras! just kidding- i've only been once, and this year, i completely missed it. whoops. i guess you'll just have to look for me in 2007- i'll be the sober one with the beads.)

overnight babysitting.

i'm here all week, folks- try the veal, and don't forget to tip your waitress.

can i tell you how much it rocks to get paid to cook dinner, play board games, and sleep? (actually, i think i may have mentioned it around this time last year, come to think of it.)

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