Sunday, March 05, 2006

i'm it again?

just when i think i've lost all my readership due to infrequent blogging (sometimes sleep has to take priority, folks), i find that i've been tagged by kal.

here are the rules:
1. thank the person that tagged you.
2. list 5 random/strange/weird things about you.
3. tag 5 other people

1. merci beaucoup, kal.

2a. i will not put my head underwater without holding my nose.

2b. i've collected absolut vodka ads for the past 12 years. however, the one and only time i drank absolut, i woke up the next morning spread eagle on my bed (fully clothed- i don't strip when drunk, thank goodness) with a frying pan in my hand. i have had a significant amount to drink exactly once since then.....and frying pans were kept far out of my reach, probably as some sort of self-preservation measure.

2c. i rarely wear my contacts, mostly because my right one refuses to copperate unless i swear at it for a minimum of five minutes. however, if i'm taking pictures with my good camera, you can bet the contacts are in, simply because otherwise, all of my pictures would be out of focus.

2d. the biggest insult you could possibly hurl at me would be to call me an "adult". that "i'm a toys 'r' us kid" tune they had in all those commercials when i was little struck a nerve- i refuse to grow up.
1. i still enjoy jumping on trampolines.
2. ditto for rolling down hills.
3. i can't put on high-heeled shoes without feeling like i'm playing dress up in mama's closet.
4. my favorite stress reliever has always been blowing bubbles.
5. i'm far more comfortable in a room full of kids than i am in a room full of adults.

2e. i really miss being able to eat pistachios.

3. minta, raven, roomie, madge and jo.


ladymwende said...

Sweet! I will think of some and post them by tomorrow! Hmmm...

And! I remember the frying pan incident... hee hee hee...

Still collecting absolutes. Will keep an eye out darl'n!

Anonymous said...

Respect to you Duff. I never wanted to grow up either. Too late unfortunately.

Labbie said...

Why can't you eat pistachios? Say the word, and I'll get you a whole pound of them from El Paso (I'll be there next week).

BTW, it's too bad you only play Top 40 at your radio station... Remy Zero's "Save Me" never made it to top 40.

duff said...

roomie: you remember it? uh....could you tell me what happened that night?

kidding- most of the blanks have been filled in.

kunstemaecker: i steadfastly refuse to grow up.

labbie: pistachios are the only food i can't eat with my braces.....and heaven knows, i've tried. however, when i try to eat the shelled ones, i inevitably loosen my brackets, much to the (i'm sure) frustration of my HO.*

*this is the one and only time i'l explain the abbreviation- only because i'd be mortified if i had to face my orthodontist after he found out i call him "hunky orthodontist" when talking about him.

chuckawucka said...

1 - Hunky Orthodontist. LOL

2 - Number 5 (comfortable in a room full of kids) is something that I can agree with. But I attribute it more to this weird thing: when I'm in a room full of kids I feel like the adult. But when I'm in a room full of adults I feel like a kid.

3 - I'm ALIVE. School has suck the spare-time out of me.