Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i and candy

that song has been stuck in my head for the past hour and a half, and i really feel the need to share the agony. feel free to thank me later.

i have a bunch of things i really need to write about- reflections on "love", the story of my answering machines (i asked SO to beat the new one with one of my shoes today, but he lacked the energy to venture into my closet and dig out my heaviest pair of doc martens), a brief essay on songs i've searched for for years, based on one verse (or, more often, a single line) that's stuck in my head.....

.....and while i have time left before tackling this evening's avon order, i also have a pretty challenging hike (and more, importantly, a good chance of being photographed in a bikini) in approximately six weeks...which, as i recall from my high school health class (see- i did pay attention, mr. ballard!), is the length of time i need to work out at least 1 1/2 hours/week in order to get into shape.

even more important than being able to look at my pictures post-trip without shrieking and whipping out scissors is getting this song out of my head, which i'm thinking might require the assistance of dave gahan (who, sadly, i recently found out is not only married, but now has a kid, and i don't seem to be a part of any of it).


Joefish said...

Hangin' round, downtown by myself and there she was... like double cherry pie, yeah there she was...

I was totally going to post this song in your honor (I've actually got a copy on my pda), but it turns out my copy is downsampled to 32Khz, which my webplayer plays back Chipmunk-style.

So you'll have to imagine it.

You know, like you've been doing all day anyway.

Bite Me said...

I was gone, now I'm back. I'm a lot angrier, and I still "Hate Clowns".:-)