Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i like the way you work it....

dear hottie who was stuck at the brickyard/two notch stoplight next to me today,

1. no, that was not my minivan. i swear it's someone else's, just like the kids i'm keeping an eye on during the next 36 hours. eally. i'm no soccer mom- i'm too young for all that. i'm more of a mustang cobra kind of girl (new body style excluded, though- it looks a little too much like a shoebox for my tastes), minus the income to pay for a mustang cobra, hence the zx2 i actually own....which, while not a cobra, certainly screams "young and fun" a little louder than a minivan (once again, not my own) does.

2. yes, i was the one with "no diggity" streaming out of the windows of the aforementioned minivan (which, have i mentioned, is not mine?).

3. i wasn't talking on the phone- i was singing along. should the fact that i know every worrd of that song fail to impress you, let me also mention that i can also recite the words to "too close", "tubthumping", and just about any other song that was popular at college bars/dancefloors in the late 90s. (mostly because i was sober all but one time i was in a bar in college, and that one occasion led to my refusal to touch alcohol for the year following said incident.*)

4. to reiterate:
a. not my minivan
b. you should be impressed by my smooth vocal stylings. (hence the need for the radio to be turned up a bit.)

5. you may have heard a rumor about my being already spoken for. while those rumors are true (let's face it, you weren't val kilmer), you should still feel free to worship me, due to 4a above, not to mention the myriad of other reasons you could not possibly have realized during our very brief time together...well, at the intersection.


*also known as the infamous "frying pan incident", though that was later in the 12-hour period.


NJ said...

I still worship you!! Does that count?

Joefish said...

You don't like the new mustang? I think they're a welcome change from all the other vanilla cars on the road.

hottie stuck at light said...

yo! wassup thang? i feel ya suga, no sweatin! i was ready to tap that whether it was your ride or not. besides, a minivan makes for alot better tubthumpin then a zx2 anyhow. see ya in my dreams sweets, now back that thing up for me once more wont ya?