Friday, March 31, 2006

bedtime blogging, take two

i haven't looked, but is there a "pensive" emoticon around here somewhere? it was one of those "deep thinking" sorts of days....and i think christopher walken is totally to blame.

i know, i know- you're wondering why i feel the need to pass blame about this sort of thing, and why on earth i've chosen him, of all people.

when the video you may or may not have just watched first came out, the song was working its way up the modern rock charts. jed the fish spotlighted in on his countdown, out of order, one week (i know, because i was working at a modern rock station at the time and was recording a tape of "new" music for my car, which has only a radio and a cassette player because i as unwilling to get the "power package", but that's neither here nor there...), and when he mentioned walken, he said something about him always playing such "intense" characters and here he was, finally letting loose.

well, maybe that doesn't really have anything to do with it being a thought-provoking kind of day, but it was a rather smooth way of slipping in three four walken related links in honor of his 63rd birthday, wasn't it?

...and now i have only myself to blame for wasting the past ten minutes playing around on that last website- did you know there's a cowbell in "the reflex", by duran duran? really.

some other surprisingly cowbell-laden tunes:

"take my breath away"- berlin
"hit me baby one more time"- britney spears
"i will always love you"- whitney houston**
"shake me"- cinderella
"don't you want me"- human league
"sweet transvestite"- tim curry***

...and this one's just an odd coincidence, i'm sure-
"weapon of choice"- fatboy slim

*because, two paragraphs into it, my previous attempt just didn't thrill me.
**damn you, whitney! didn't i banish you from my head just the other day?
***now there's an excuse to break out the rocky horror picture show dvd- all in the name of research, of course.


Labbie said...

Nice post, Duff... But it needs something... I can't quite put my finger on it... Maybe more cowbell?

mr_g said...

Didn't Devo's "Whip It" also have a cowbell?

And Jed the Fish? I remember when that loser was on KROQ here in LA. He was out at CSU Northridge doing some promo and made some stupid anti-semetic comments...or at least stupid comments that came off as anti-semetic. So I've never liked that bonehead since. He has a lame radio voice and a great face for radio too....