Wednesday, March 08, 2006

mental meanderings

as usual, i have things to do, but i'm suffering from and complete and total utter lack of motivation. (i know, i know- these things never happen to you.)

so, rather than doing something constructive, lets talk about one of my favorite

i had the pleasure of hearing some long-lost favorites on the radio today, and i'm pleased to announce a couple of findings:

1. i still know every single word to "groove is in the heart", including the rap.
2. i am firmly convinced the rapper is q-tip, but i might be wrong about that, and sadly, i am unable to look it up, as i'm a good 10 miles away from my cd collection but hey wait a minute- isn't that what google's for?
3. i was totally right about number 2.

moving on.....

actually, i was going to somehow segue into "state of shock", which was going to, in turn, lead to a story from first grade, but then i got sidetracked somehow and found myself here, which, in turn, somehow led me to a grand canyon website, and the next thing i knew, an hour had gone by. oops.

however, i still have managed not to accomplish the stuff i really needed to, so i suppose in some bizarre, procrastinatory (is so a word) sort of way, all's well that ends well.

or something like that.....except for as far as axl's concerned, of course.

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