Monday, March 13, 2006

why do today what i can put off until tomorrow?

i'm my most productive when i'm procrastinating.

not only am i willing to admit it, but i'm also betting that at least half of my readership (both of you) suffers from the same sort of issues. (isn't everything an "issue" anymore? i mean, i have "clothing issues", "cooking issues", "sleeping issues", "blogging issues", "skin issues", "workout issues", and i'm pretty sure there are "issues" i don't even realize i have, which must be some sort of "issues issues".)

but i digress (which is, undoubtedly, another "issue".).....

while avoiding writing papers in college, i'd become not only a cleaning demon, but i would also read through every magazine in my possession (of course, this was necessary to determine which articles were worth keeping, and which ones needed to be tossed, which only aided in my cleaning mission), cook up at least three dishes, answer my mail (strangely enough, one of the tasks i'm currently avoiding is scribbling out a bunch of seriously overdue bithday cards), clean out my email inbox (i'm not quite up to that yet this time around), call everyone i've ever met (i once had a phone bill over $200. that pretty much sucked.), and, when i'd run out of other things to do, i'd go on a walk.

need to total up avon orders? that reminds me- i really need to repaint my toenails.

that pile of clean laundry currently threatening to fall off my rocking chair? might as well wash the rest of the dirty stuff and put it all away at once (preferably sometime next week).

scribble out birthday cards? well, let me buy more "belated" ones, which means i'll be heading to hallmark, which means i should clean off my desk and find my coupons so i can save a couple bucks.

and on that note, i must abandon this in search of whatever shade i have on my toes- guess that means i'll need to clean out the cabinet under my sink, which i might as well reorganize, and i might need a snack before undertaking a project of that enormousity, and artichoke stuffed mushrooms sound pretty good, though i'll need to go to the store for shrooms, and while i'm there, i might as well........


chuckawucka said...

A productive procrastinator... what an oxymoron.

Never thought I'd find someone so similar to myself - we do everything but what we were suppose to do in the first place.

Unfortunately, I find that no matter how much I do, I still end up 'not being done' and having to go back to that dreadful task I wanted to avoid in the first place.

Joefish said...

I'm pretty sure you've got more than two readers.

Three, at least.