Thursday, March 09, 2006


well, i finally did it. you know my 15 rolls of film? not only have they been developed, but i managed to find my way over to target about a week and a half ago to retrieve them (remind me not to wait so long next time- that was a painful bill), and while i have yet to get the photos into an album (too ambitious a project for me right now), i have conquered the kodak program included on one of the photo cd-roms and can present some of my new brunswickian (technical term) photos to you, without going to the trouble of scanning things in. (actually, i have some really good ones that'll have to be scanned in later, but this should tide (get it? tide? as alf would say- i kill me!) you over until then.)

hopewell rocks, bay of fundy, new brunswick, canada (29 july 2005)

the formations have been carved by the tides, which are the highest in the world. (one day, i will go kayaking between the rocks at high tide. wanna join me?)
some of the more famous "flowerpot" formations

this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip- the contrast between the bright blue sky and the deep red rocks/mud was...breathtaking.


jamwall said...

i once lived in the mudholes of new brunswick. i made a coffee table out of sand and dead seagulls.

i was talented in those days!

LBseahag said...

that is gorgeous...great scenery to think about when you're stuck at work...

Martha said...

cripes, that is speectacular.