Wednesday, September 07, 2005

you searched for what??? (part six)

statcounter is a fine and beautiful thing. it allows me to find out how you found me, and let me just state the obvious: you people amuse me.

alice cooper cloones were all

what? what are you trying to say? clones? colonies? (as suggested by yahoo) colonics?

i was the only result for this search....and once again, it was because i can't type worth a damn.

(for the record, the movie was "attack of the clones". i can spell, which is why i don't proofread.....which is why typos get through and lead me to pop up as a result for interesting searches like this one.

in fact, my typos perform a public service. rather than this querier (is tha a word?)being disappointed when yahoo came back without any results for his search, it was able to offer something....which may have saved this guy/girl from becoming so depressed that they would have offed themselves.

yeah- my typo saved a life. go me!

get a job as a park ranger

people are looking to me for job advice? if i knew how to get a job as a park ranger, i'd be all over it. well, as long as i wouldn't have to deal with any bears. or snakes. or mountain lions.

random acts of duff

there were two seperate searches for this in the past 24 hours, and i figured i'd go with the version without capitals, just because i'm a little biased.

i do act randomly,......but not randomly enough, from the looks of it. hilary duff seems to be way ahead.

speaking of hilary duff......

Hilary duff's feet being tickled

ah- so the foot fetish has spread from amanda peet to hilary duff. (appropriately enough, there was an article on feet and the men who love them- perhaps a little too much- in the latest issue of details.)

what would joel madden say about all this?

riding a cow

theoretically, i turned up on this search, though i couldn't find myself on the page that popped up. does this mean my cow-riding skills are improving, or worsening? perhaps i should shedule a trip back up to prince edward island to practice some more.

roaches "down the toilet"

another one got the big flush in the apartment today- thank goodness i wasn't the one who found it.

(in case you're wondering, i'm hardly the "go-to" girl for this sort of thing- i was result 390 out of about 631, according to google.)

will they let me back through the canadian border?

you? yes. the illegal immigrants you're smuggling in the trunk? probably not.

Wet Pants blogs

for once, i get to be #1....and it has to be for something like this.

forgive me if i forget to put this achievement on my resume.

(who on earth searches for such a thing, anyway?)

calories in french fries with gravy

throw in some cheese and you've got poutine....and a deal, as long as i can have half.

bon appetit!


bricotrout said...

i suggest, duff, that if ANYONE who is looking for 'alice cooper colonics' gets ahold of your blog to run and not look back!! what the HELL is that about? when was the last time you talked about alice cooper or colonics? or cloones for that matter?

jamwall said...

i did a post like this several months ago. here, i'll just copy and paste some of the search terms i got:

"gunther tralala video clip": this person is, of course, referring to the Swedish "Pleasureman" Gunther and his latest hit "The Ding-Dong Song." I originally thought it had something to do about Hostess products and killing the Wicked Witch of the West.

"ghetto hoochies": probably because i did a sketch between chewbacca and a hooker.

"Ruwanda": the name of the hooker.

"wookie pimp": same deal

"who practices bigomy": i have no idea where the hell....

"glug glug wavs": ??? no idea

"backyard bunker": ?? no idea either...

"green bay packers colored crochet yarn": i hate the packers, what the hell!

Jo said...

I didn't realize that American's know what Poutine is.....the ones I live with seem to think it's a Canadian thing...

Good to know:)

Labbie said...

Ah, yes, poutine, the best 36 thousand calories money can buy... And still cheap enough to afford that triple by-pass surgery you'll need after eating it... If you live in the States. In Canada, you have socialized medicine, but you'd have to be put on a waiting list for the surgery.

Jo said...

So true.......


jamwall said...

how about the po'tang?

duff said...

bricotrout: i've posted about alice cooper before. the rest, however, is a mystery.

jamwall: dare i ask why someone would search for "green bay packers colored crochet yarn"? is that for a giant doily? an afghan? sweater? sounds like someone's grandmother is out of control.

jo: we don't have poutine 'round these parts. instead, we have chili cheese fries. i like both.

lab boy: it's only 18 thousand calories each if you share with me.

jamwall: no searches for po'tang yet, but i'm sure they're coming.

@ndre@ said...

yo i thought that cow looked familiar... when i seen your picture on nathan's blog. i think PEI is one of the only places in the world that is home to numerous larger-than-life plastic cows. oh, and there's two huge ones across the road from the Irving in Sussex.

jamwall said...

yeah, regarding the green bay packers thing....people are sick!

duff said...

@ndre@: wait a minute- there are multiple large plastic cows on p.e.i? i need a list. this may have to be a new mission during my next trip north. (i'm not giving up on the potato sculptures just yet, though.)

thanks for stopping by.

jamwall: yes, yes they are.

--m said...

I only wish I knew how to crochet. Then I would be ordering Green Bay Packers colored yarn! But alas, I have no manual dexterity, and, for the life of me could not even figure out how to put a new windshield wiper blade on my Ford Explorer the other day. Pathetic.

This site is funny. I'll check back more often. What do you do for this radio station?

duff said...

--m: i'm on the air from 10 am-3 pm on saturdays and sundays, plus whenever i can talk my boss into letting me fill in for a full-timer.

thanks for stopping by- i love seeing new faces.