Saturday, September 10, 2005

perhaps i should slow down....but not today.

i think my brain just went numb.

one of these days, i'll slow down.

right now, however, i seem to be sleepwalking through my routine.....which is part of my explanation for not posting anything in a couple of days. i've been busy, as usual, and by the time i get home at night, my primary concern is making it to the bed before i fall asleep. (yes, it's been a close call a couple of times.)

besides, once i fire up the computer, it takes me a good hour or two to check email, other blogs, and then come up with something worth reading. (well, it's not always worth reading, but for some reason, you put up with me anyway. thanks)

my multitasking earlier this week got me into a little trouble.

let me start off by stating the obvious: i'm a klutz. at any point in time, there's a 99.9% chance that you'll find some sort of bruise, scrape, or scratch somewhere on my body. (i think i'm in a position to take band-aid expenses off my taxes next year.)

anyway, because of the labor day holiday this week, my avon delivery was delivered to the apartment office tuesday night....which meant i had to pick it up during my lunch break on wednesday.

i was in a bit of a hurry, so instead of walking down the sidewalk to the parking lot to load 12 boxes into my car, i decided to take a shortcut.

all was well the first couple of trips to the car, but then, as you can see by the unsettled dirt above, something happened.

that something would be yours truly, carrying two boxes, stepping right in front of the top stepping stone, which led to yours truly flying through the air, while still holding the boxes.

my leg scraped one of the stones (i was wearing pants at the time, by the way),

and my arm scraped against the curb.

either my swan dive went completely unnoticed by my apartment manager (did i mention i wound up looking like i'd been mudwrestling?), or she was just being polite. when i wandered back in for the last round of boxes, she greeted me with a completely straight face, so i'm guessing she simply didn't notice.

so, after running around the apartment like a crazed chicken (putting together a couple of orders for school, assembling bundles for four hurricane victims staying at the complex, taking a bottle of shout to my pants, finding new pants, et cetera), i headed back to school in search of my snazzy antiseptic swabs and some band aids.

in addition to my scrapes, my left leg's been sore- i think i hyper-extended my knee during my swan dive.

add that to the list of reasons why my parents didn't name me "grace".

it's going to be another busy day- i'm leaving work a touch early to attend a birthday party for one of my alumni, then i need a nap before this evening's date. we have a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant that expires at the end of the month. fortunately, this evening's babysitting isn't until 8:00, so i think i can squeeze in dinner.

dinner...i still need to picture photos from earlier in the week.

however, my first hnt picture is up on the photo blog.

okay, time for a trip to the soda machine in an attempt to wake up.....


jamwall said...

wow, its a good thing you were wearing long pants! i don't imagine they have many war weary avon ladies who have gone through this level of abuse.

maybe they see that kind of action over at mary kay (otherwise, why else would they give out those ridiculous pink cadillacs?)

duff said...

most avon ladies have their shipments delivered to their doorstep. however, my ups guy is lazy and my neighbors are shady, so i have to wait an extra day to retrieve my stuff from the office and haul it up to my third-floor apartment.

jamwall said...

shady? do they steal avon products?

does skin so soft have a street value?

duff said...

during mosquito season, it goes for $50 and ounce on the streets.

or so i hear.

i'm far more concerned about the avon lingerie, though. the guys across the hall would not look good in any of it- even the plus-sized fashions.

ltlme said...

it's almost like you put your life on the line to make sure you got your avon're more dedicated than the postal workers. "Through breaks, bumps, and bruises, duff guarantees that your skin cream will be delivered."

Labbie said...

Oh, does Duff got a boo-boo? Here, let me make it all better... Hand me one of your products. :p

jamwall said...

there's a street gang called "the light & happy's" where they shoot each other for turf control of skin so soft and lingere. are they stalking your hood?

duff said...

sibling: if there's money involved, i can be quite dedicated to the cause.

that sounds horribly shallow, but most folks don't become comfortably wealthy just by sitting on their butts.

lab boy: all i need on there right now is a little neosporin and some band-aids....neither of which i purchase from avon.

jamwall: i have not run into the "light & happys" yet, but i will heed your warning.

i'm arming myself with the aerosol skin so soft bug spray, just in case- it's a bit of an eye stinger.

jamwall said...

i hear the key with the "light & happy's" is to hurt their feelings.

duff said...

to any "light & happy's" that may be skulking around my blog:
your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberry.

did it work?