Sunday, September 25, 2005

i'm not worthy! i'm not worthy!

so, the day after the big 200, and i've accomplished very little of noteworthiness.

actually, i'll take that back. since figuring out how to resize my digital photos and set them up for use on the web, i've been playing "catch up", mostly on bodhi's blog.

since i've been at work all day, my photo of the day is one that's also posted on bodhi's blog.....i've decided to let him meet famous people for me, as i tend to make intelligent comments reminiscent of that scene in "wayne's world" where wayne and garth meet alice cooper.

other than tinkering with photos, skimming the newspaper (it was a really slow news day), and being somewhat informative (and hopefully mildly entertaining) during my airshift, i have accomplished squat today.

i am totally okay with that.