Tuesday, September 13, 2005

things are getting a little hairy

i've got hair on my mind. well- hair bands, to be more specific. i choose to blame all the late-80s power ballads i heard on the radio today. (beginning with "to be with you", by mister big, which was early 90s, not late 80s, and i'm not sure it really qualifies as a "power ballad" as much as a pop offering from a rock band, but you get the point.)

anyway, because it's something bricotrout will never cover, here's my list of

ten hair bands that are near and dear to my heart

1. poison
2. cinderella
3. old guns n' roses (before izzy, duff, and slash left)
4. the cult
5. def leppard
6. van halen (with diamond dave, of course)
7. motley crue
8. bon jovi
9. slaughter
10. faster pussycat

can you match the above up to my favorite songs from each band (below)? leave your answers in my comments.

(more than) 10 "hairy" songs i dig

1. "beautiful girls"
2. "lil devil"
3. "photograph"
4. "shout it out"
5. "look but you can't touch"
6. "shake me"
7. "fire woman"
8. "mr. brownstone"
9. "bathroom wall"
10. "kickstart my heart"
12. "talk dirty to me"
14. "big dictionary"
15. "animal"
16. "lay your hands on me"
17. "don't go away mad (just go away)"
18. "pretty tied up"
19. "the more things change"
20. "you give love a bad name"

and on that note, i think it's time to hit "publish" and go tease my hair. (kidding....really)


jamwall said...

anytime i hear "beautiful girls" i get that image of my head of chris farley and adam sandler doing an SNL ad for "schmidt's gay."

one of the great fake SNL ads of all time!

sassyassy said...

Big hair bands...the memories...the music...the tight black leather pants. Pour some sugar on me.....

bricotrout said...

i dont know if i would qualify G&R as a 'hair band' cause they really had talent for awhile.
and the cult DEFINATELY wasnt a 'hair band'!
beautiful girls = van halen
lil devil = cult
photo = def
fire woman = cult
mr. brownstone = G&R
kickstart = crue
talk dirty = poison
animal = def
lay your hands on me = um, thompson twins???
go away mad = crue
bad name = bon jovi

ltlme said...

do you still have a thing for axel?

Kodijack said...

There is a lot of my teenage years in those lists. Whitesnake and The Scorpions were my favorites.

Jo said...

When you said Hair Bands, I immediately thought of the bands that girls wear in their hair, and then when you mentioned the 80's power ballads I thought of 80's rocker women with the huge hair and those gaudy bands in their hair....but then I figured out what you were really talking about:) I'm a little slow....

duff said...

jamwall: would you believe i haven't seen that ad?

i'm a little sheltered.

queen of sass: nothing like wanting to be whisked away by a guy wearing more makeup than you do, is there?

bricotrout: still considered hair bands, whether they have talent or not.

you can't tell me ian astbury and billy duffy didn't get a little hairy.

(they are one of my favorites, by the way- go ahead and start adding little tick marks to the list.)

and no, i wasn't referring to the thompson twins- a good band, but just not hairy enough.

sibling: never had a thing for axl.

kodijack: ooh! a new face! welcome.

let me guess- part of the fondness for whitesnake was due to tawny kitaen rolling all over coverdale's car in one of their videos, wasn't it?

remember when she was on the new wkrp? yeah, that lasted.

but i digress......

jo: that's too funny. don't feel too bad- when i searched google (just to see what they'd come up with), the first couple of results were for elastic hair bands.

Anonymous said...

I swear that if that's all they played on the radio, I would kill myself immediately.

ltlme said...

i thought you liked him.....oh well.

Madge said...

magnetic [power ballad] poetry:

big dictionary/shout it out/you give love a bad name

mr. brownstone/talk dirty to me/lay your hands on me/shake me/kickstart my heart

bathroom wall/photograph/look but you can't touch

don't go away mad/pretty tied up/fire woman/

duff said...

brilliant, madge!

Oswald Croll said...

Love the list, but I have to admit I am not a Mr. Brownstone fan, although I am a huge GnR fan. Appetite was a top 5 record of the last 25 years. But I like it more for it's "B-sides".
'I think about you'
'My Michelle'

Man I feel old.

jamwall said...

don't shelter yourself duff here it is!

one of the great classic SNL fake ads!

jamwall said...

that's interesting, i think they changed the music track. probably because of possible litigation.

anyway, its a take-off on the 80s beer ads.

Stef said...

Lord, I feel old now!

1. Van Halen
3. Def Leppard
7. The Cult
8. Guns n Roses
10. Motley Crue
12. Poison (?)
15. Def Leppard
16. Bon Jovi
20. Bon Jovi

The rest I could probably look up on Google, but I just don't feel like it now.