Wednesday, September 21, 2005

you searched for what??? (part seven)

the latest offerings from statcounter:

first and foremost, let me announce that i'm finally #1! (for "technological fairytale", that is)
i'm taking over the internet, one subject at a time. (by the way, you can stop with the searches for hilary duff's feet- im sure they're quite lovely, but you won't find them here.)

rollerblades of rich and famous

hmmm...i have a pair rattling around the trunk of my car- i suppose they could be comnsidered "rollerblades of the future rich and famous". (somehow i don't think i would have ranked any higher on that sort of a search.)

www. ask what to do for tooth ake

this search was undertaken in kentucky.....i'm guessing it was very rural kentucky.

slimey the worm t shirt

i came in sixth for this search- probably because, unlike the cool kids ahead of me, i have no idea where one can get their hands on a slimey the worm t-shirt. (if they do, in fact, exist, i'd like to have three, please.)

duran duran's john taylor wore braces

really? i had no idea.

i came up as the fourth result for this search, which means that if john taylor ever searches for himself wearing braces, there i'll be.... and then he'll leave his wife and marry me and we'll live happily ever after and.....

or maybe not.

what does cheeseball mean

i am the number one result for this search...but does that mean i, myself, am a cheeseball? (stop shouting- it was a rhetorical question.)

(by the way, if you're reading this, happy birthday, cheesehead. (i know, i know- the sub in our keyboarding class was a cheesehead, but let's not get technical.))

hairy duff

i am also number one for this search.....i some countries, that might not necessarily be a good thing.

two babes oil wrestling free mpg

another number one result.

if anyone has any video of me oil wrestling some babe, please let me know. while i doubt they exist, i'll admit there were a couple of evenings in college i didn't remember the next morning.

my hot little sister

i'm number four on msn for this search. too bad i'm neither hot, nor a little sister. (though i'd willingly pretend to get a higher ranking.)

finally, because of this post, i am in alta vista's top 10 for wet pants.

there you have it- more weird ways to find me. topping this list will be hard, but i have faith in you folks. (while you eagerly await the next installment, check out refer madness.)


jamwall said...

they used the search term "hairy duff" too????

Oswald Croll said...

What in the world is a 'hairy duff'. I'd like to know, but I am alos relatively scared. Mommy, are you there?

bricotrout said...

i musthave missed the mpeg of the mud wrestling women. where is that in your archives again??

Larry said...

"tooth ake" LOL. the poor soul probably only has one tooth to ache.

As for MPG of the oil wrestling, I can sell it back to you for a price, you know how to get in touch.

duff said...

jamwall: they sure did. if you click the link, it'll take you to their actual search....or it should, anyway.

oswald: all i know is that it's not me.

bricotrout: it's one of those hidden features- like your extra hnt pic.

larry: if my face is at least obscured, you may go ahead and distribute the MPG.

if not, i want all copies on my desk by monday.

LBseahag said...

poor guy who got called cheeseball...he's clueless