Sunday, September 04, 2005

is this thing on?

it's sunday evening, i'm listening to grown men driving around in circles, and i have ample time to post.

too bad my mind is a blank.

i've been through every blog i've recommended to you folks,
<-------------------- twice,

and while everyone else has come up with something interesting and entertaining to say, i'm afraid nothing's inspired me yet.

i'm trying to avoid the katrina issue. besides, i've commented enough on everyone else's posts on the situation that i've nothing new to say.

there hasn't been any major stupidity on the local news blotter lately, so i have nothing to share to that end.

i'm still working on my next "list of ten" to appease bricotrout. it's nowhere near ready for posting yet.

i've done nothing of interest today. i even resisted the urge to rollerblade around the building between songs.

and, since answering the phone about an hour ago, my mind is preoccupied with thoughts about how crappy people can be to their spouses.


so, for something a little more entertaining, you can either scroll down a little bit and read yesterday's posts, or check out lbseahag, jamwall, rabbit, or jurgen nation.

perhaps i'll have something that'll meet your entertainment needs tomorrow.


Chris Nystrom said...

When in doubt talk about your fantasies.

duff said...

fantasies, eh? about val kilmer showing up at my door with tacos.

yeah, that's a good start.

Stef said...

Is this thing on? Mic check, one, two, three, four...

Margaret Feinberg said...

blogging has made me realize how many nondescript days I live... and then when I least expected it something wonderful happens... do you find the same?

Kristi said...

there is always.......


Poppy Cede said...

If you don't have something to say then perhaps do what Kris did and just tell people to post a comment about whatever they're thinking about and see what happens. :)

I find myself living life for my blog sometimes, trying to figure out how to word or capture an event or scenery. Then I come back to real life and I jump into one of my hobbies that is far away from my blog. Sometimes not posting to the blog for a whole day is much healthier...

bricotrout said...

ooh, i can hardly wait. which list is she working on??? maybe shes changed up the blind date list to things that have happened to her. THAT would be a folly i bet!

todays word verification: sefle
tomorrows: itis?

jamwall said...

i keep getting wierd dreams of my tacos getting delivered by whiplash the cowboy monkey. the thing that freaks me out is that the monkey is riding on top of val kilmer!

haven't figured out that dream yet....

Victoria said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog, do you understand Spanish? ;)

Labbie said...

You know... Naked pictures always seem to draw in the crowds... Remember how you had us guys on the edge of our seats and then you brought us down (way down) when it was a baby picture or you naked?

And I understand Spanish, in case, uh, in case Victoria was just asking for a general response.

Madge said...

Blog block. It's the worst, isn't it? Happy Labor Day, pal.

duff said...

stef: for some horrible reason, the intro to "rumpshaker" flew into my head as soon as i read that.

margaret: i've found inspiration in the most mundane details since i started blogging. even on the most uneventful of days, something may trigger a memory and i'll wind up blogging about it.

kristi: i'm working up to it. besides, isn't it free writer's turn next?

poppy cede: i've been trying to plan around photo opportunities lately. for instance, i was going to go kayaking today just so i could have a really cool picture of the day, for once......but then i slept in until 11, so the picture i wound up taking is actually of me at the movie theater.

the plus side to all this? well, aside from getting some much-needed rest, i can use a kayaking picture later on without being repetitive.

bricotrout: i'm afraid i couldn't do a "blind date" list- i've managed to avoid those sorts of things.

jamwall: a great quote about dreams from "real genius" comes to mind, but it's been so long since i last watched the movie that i'd probably screw it up.

victoria: un pequito.
the only problem is my french tends to get in the way. i suppose i have what they call a "reading spanish"- and what i can't figure out i can certainly chase down in a dictionary.

however, if lab boy wants to translate......

lab boy: true, but:
1.i need to be in better shape. playboy hasn't exactly come calling lately.
2. my dad, mom, sibling (obviously) and at least two of my bosses read this blog. none of them needs to see me naked.

but i'll try to come up with a boring, tastefully not-to revealing way to do of these days.

madge: yeah, it happens to me every now and then. (usually that's when i wind up at blogthings or the like, looking for inspiration.)

happy labor day, gang! hope you managed to relax.

Larry said...

Hey Duff, it's tomorrow and I need reading material. :P

duff said...

larry: consider it done.

Stef said...

"Rumpshaker"? Good Lord!