Saturday, September 03, 2005


i have been scatterbrained lately.

yesterday, i lost my keys at school. they didn't fall anywhere unusual in the closet when i put my stuff up after lunch (i checked), they didn't fall out in my car (i checked twice), and they didn't fall out in my bag (i checked too many times to count). fortunately, i have spares. in addition to various fun and functional trinkets, my keychain holds my house key, my car key, one of the keys for school, and keys to three other houses i visit frequently. in short- nothing that can't be replaced. therefore, i was not freaking out so much as trying to figure out whether or not i'm old enough for alzheimer's to be setting in already. (as mama says, "the short term memory's the first to go.")

so, after an hour and a half of fruitless searching, i called the cavalry. since there are actually 4 keys to my car (mine, SO's, one with my surrogate parents here in town, and a spare for heating up my car in the middle of winter- because i'm not about to leave it unlocked with the engine running), and 3 or 4 to my apartment, i called the holder of both spares. after he informed me he wasn't done at work, i called the other holder of the spares, who found me reading the paper on the front porch at school.

lesson learned: always have spares, folks.

so, i was able to move my car around to the front of the building while i waited for SO to arrive. (long story involving babysitting)

several hours later, during the post-babysitting drive home, a box of avon catalogs (weekend project)tipped over in my car. i parked, walked over to the passenger side of the car, and started replacing the catalogs in their box, muttering unkind words the entire time. i stopped mid-expletive (it was a glorious combination i'd just created- glorious), as i saw something shiny between catalogs.

yep, the box i'd quickly checked not once- but twice- at school had purged my keys during its little bout of carsickness.

lesson learned: check everything three times. clearly, i am not obsessive enough.

it's just as well that i found them, because, as it turns out, the spae key to the apartment is actually the spare key to my old apartment, which is across the hall from the current one. i suppose i should do something to remedy that.

lesson learned: always have the right spares.

lately, i've also misplaced my headphones-located in another studio this morning- apparently they didn't want to leave work last sunday night and felt like "hanging out" at the country station. egads. sometimes, there's no accounting for taste.

i can't seem to find a bra that wishes to behave on my person (where did all my good, poke-free ones wind up? perhaps i should check SOs drawers, just in case he has develeoped a fetish i don't know about.), and i'd be able to drag my film to target for development....if i could figure out where the last two rolls went.


speaking of missing things, despite my frequent visits to bricotrout's blog, it seems i missed his pleas for me to attempt more of his infectious "10 things" lists. so, since i have a busy week ahead, i figure i'll take advantage of the easy material and appease his curiousity in one fell swoop.

can't wait?

well, if you ask nicely, i suppose i can post one list for you now:

ten people i wouldn't want to wake up next to

1. my most avid listener
2. someone twice my size...with boobs and facial hair.
3. a corpse....especially if blood and nudity are involved- that might be just a little hard to explain to the authorities.
4. a member of the ultrareligious right.....because that means i must've married them.
5. tommy lee (nothing personal, but there is such a thing as "too big". egads!)
6. gilbert gottfried- the thought of that voice talking dirty to me makes my skin crawl
7/8. the olsen twins (puh-leeze. mary kate's skinny enough to cause bruises. plus, i remember watching them as babies on full house. plus i am very secure in my fondness of penises, and as far as i can tell, neither twin possesses one.)
9. kevin federline- because some girls have standards. then again, i have no money, so i doubt he'd look at me twice anyway.
10. ron jeremy- i don't care how much practice he's had. he scares me a little.

on that note, it's time for me to abandon this in search of something else- lunch.


bricotrout said...

im honored. i dont recall having left that message. must have been at least a month, if not two, ago.
after you lost your keyes there i was a bit concerned that your most avid listener would INDEED be the next person yould wake up next to. lol
btw: todays word verification was 'ogkeedi' i like that one!

ltlme said...

gee, i can't imagine why you wouldn't want to wake up next to your most avid listener

duff said...

actually, i haven't heard from him in a while.....then again, i haven't answered the phone much lately, either.

why wouldn't i want to wake up next to him? well, i'm afraid there are a few answers to that, some kinder and gentler than others.

Administrador Takis said...

hi there.

I'm from portugal, i was just taking a walk before finding your blog.
actually I've never heard your radio show. anyway, can I be your most avid listener?

visit me.
nice blog

duff said...

administrator takis: thanks for stopping by- i love seeing new faces around here.

it's okay if you haven't heard me- i'm certainly not famous by any stretch of the imagination.

perhaps one of these days i'll post myself talking......not just yet, though.

however, i will add this for you folks to check out. i think this guy should run for a higher office.

.: raven :. said...

hey you ... i just realized something.

do you have an avon website? (you know like THOSE mary kay girls ... ) i have been looking for an Avon rep .. and i know there have to be some out here but i'm just too lazy to look.

if you had a website i could order off your site.

is that possible?

let me know :)

duff said...

raven: sadly, no. avon charges extra to be an "e-representative", and i decided a while back it was one of those avon tricks i'm not buying into. (kind of like their "recruit people to sell beneath you", which, to me, reeks of a pyramid scheme.)

the other disadvantage i found was that i couldn't offer the same sot of customer service that i do in person- free samples and occasional free gifts and whatnot....and that bothered me.

you ahould be able to find a rep by going to

another option would be to check with penny shagwell and see if she's an e-rep.