Friday, September 16, 2005

oh oh oh-oh-oh, oh oh oh-oh

oh oh oh-oh-oh, the right stuff.

(what did you think i was writing about? pervert.)

yep- i heard the new kids on the block on the radio today (i guess that means the backlash is officially over), and "the right stuff" has been stuck in my head ever since.

it's almost enough to make a girl haul out all her old mementos (momentos? it's late, and i'm too lazy to look it up.), throw on a "pepsi magic summer" t-shirt, and start digging through trading cards of the fab five (no, no- not that fab five).

it's almost enough to motivate me to bust out my 6" jordan knight pin (oh- like he wasn't the cutest.....whatever) and hang it on the wall. (i'd prop it up on my desk, like i did back in the day, but none of the piles on the desk are stable enough to guarantee the pin wouldn't wind up buried in a heap on the floor.)

i'm not quite to that point yet, but hearing "tonight" could send me running to the store to find a new strap for the official new kids on the block watch.

wait a minute- you're right. there's no need to do anything rash or potentially embarrassing.

so, the next time one of the new kids' classics comes on the radio, the person you hear singing along definitely won't be me.

(that's my story, and i'm sticking to it.)


Stef said...

I almost forgot about those guys, until Joey McIntyre showed up on "Dancing with the Stars" this summer. I think I was beyond their demographic though when they were popular. While you were listening to New Kids on the Block, I think I was watching cartoons with my two oldest sons.

duff said...

see- i should watch t.v. more often. according to his website, jordan was on "the surreal life"- yet another reality show i've never seen.

sojourning crow said...

duff, nice profile pic!! wow, just when i thought it was safe to go BACK to NC. you surprise me every time.
um...ok....good work on the photoblog. um....i hope there's more pictures. um...hey, send me the plastic rock star i can think of some interesting backgrounds. Headline: Plastic Rock Star Smokes Crack
at any rate, rock on.

duff said...

good to see you back, crow.

does this mean you'll start posting again soon?

mister mysterio said...

i dont know if youve seen this show (or if its still on) but i remember a couple months ago there was this thing called 'hit me baby one more time' where past musicians (typically one hit wonders) perform their hit song and then do a cover of a modern hit. i remember seeing vanilla ice and tommy tutone (tootone? twotone? i dont care anymore). anyway, it would be interesting to see nkotb get brought together to perform on that show (although it would be tough to choose which song to perform because anyone who tells you they were a 'one hit wonder' is a damn, dirty liar) along with a modern hit like, i dont know, how about 'bye bye bye' by nsync.

for once, i dont think any of what i wrote was sarcastic.

bricotrout said...

jordan night is a recalcitant trogolodite

duff said...

mister mysterio: i've heard about the show (kal was a big fan), but i have yet to actually watch it.

i'm sure it'll be out on dvd soon.

bricotrout: my, my- aren't you sneaky? (or jealous...or jealously sneaky...or something like that.)

jamwall said...

oh..oh....i thought it was something perverted!