Thursday, September 01, 2005

you must be kidding....

gas here is as much as $2.99, and before i left work tonight, i heard it's already above $6.00 in atlanta.

you have got to be freaking kidding me. does the extra $3.50 pay for the chauffer?

let's see how long my last 1/8 of a tank will last, shall we?


Jo said...

I've heard that back home (from Canada) that gas is well over $1.00/liter, probably about $1.23/liter, so that's getting close to $5.00/gallon. SUCKS!!!!!!! This is getting out of hand.

freewriter said...

pretty soon hookers will be cheaper than gas.

duff said...

milk already is- $2.99/gallon vs. $3.39/gallon

and where the milk goes, hookers shall follow.

or something like that.