Sunday, September 11, 2005

i have not yet begun to procrastinate!

once again, the weekend has flown by too quickly. here it is, sunday afternoon, and i still have several hours of work ahead of me, several projects to work on, and very little motivation to deal with any of it.

so, rather than taking care of business, i decided it was time to take the station's plastic rock star wannabe on an adventure.

after checking the weather forecast, our young rocker decided it was too hot outside for jeans and a pleather jacket.

i have a little modesty, but no feet.

excuse me- can you help me with my mini-skirt?

hey, baby! wanna give me a lift?

i guess not.

what's your name, big guy?

during other procrastinatory pursuits (probably not proper english, but i'm not going to let that stop me), i stumbled across a few more treasures:

antarctic guy 2005

bobi (en francais)

a room with another view

the social alchemist

and while we're at it, i found a little something for the truly paranoid.

note to self: refuse any panties that feature a flower on the hip and "thermistor sensors" in the crotch.

what will they think of next? never mind- i don't want to know.


ltlme said...

that's've gone cookoo for Coco Puffs!

Jürgen Nation said...

It's kind of perplexing to me that she doesn't have any feet, but she can stand up like a maniac. Are you photoshopping your arms out? Dude, I would have killed for my Barbies to stand on their own when I was little.

I enjoy this feature way too much.

mister mysterio said...

great post. i had a good laugh. my wish is for you to have sooooo much free time you start a new blog complete with photos in a 'choose your own adventure' style. ie barbie discovers a treasure chest of huge novelty checks that they give to lottery winners or golf pros in some remote cave (or in this case, a doghouse). does she walk out to report her findings to constable ken or does she steal the checks and 'indiana jones' her way out of the cave passed the 40ft canine carnivore? (ominous music to follow)
...i need more coffee.
ny giANTS opening day winners!! HURRAH!! HURRAH!!

duff said...

sibling: i believe that was your reaction the the last round of rock star adventures. (come to think of it, that's a pretty good title....)

jurgen nation: her shoes pop onto the nubs that are where her ankles should be.

it's very unsettling.

you might also like this feature on kal's was one of the sources of inspiration for the rock star adventures.

i will have to come up with something else for her to do next weekend. *thinking*

and, hopefully, one of these days i'll get more pictures up on bodhi's blog. i've fallen waaaaay behind.

mister mysterio: glad to see you made it back okay.

i like the "choose your own adventure" idea- i was totally into those books when i was little.

i like the free time idea, too- though not as much as i like the idea of keeping a roof over my head and food in the fridge. :~)

duff said...

oh, and jurgen, i don't photoshop, and i've finally gotten it through my web guru's head that he's not allowed to do anything but resize in photoshop- espeically for the photos on my other blog.

getting her to stand is sometimes tricky, but i usually find the right combination of waist/head angles to get her to bakance long enough for a picture.

Kristi said...

You have more fun with a doll than my daughter does.


way to be unique Duff!

duff said...

i try, i try.

or maybe it's just a matter of being easily amused.

here's something else along the same lines that you might enjoy. (it's in sore need of an update, but bodhi's up in your neck of the woods right now.)

jamwall said...

put a gps on that doll, she sure gets around!

Jo said...

I (unfortunately)have all the free time in the world....I wish I was better with HTML etc. so I could write a build your own adventure blog....that would be so cool! I loved those books, and in fact my husband has one laying around that I read a couple of months ago...they were much better when I was a kid!!

Kristi said...


How'd ya know?
Just so happens I gave my brother a gnome card for his wedding.
All the others were just sooo sappy. Yah, so. A gnome it was!

Thanks for the morning giggle.

Jürgen Nation said...

How about real life situations? The mall, at a restaurant...I see you sneaking in the movies a camera and you sort of getting the back of her head watching a movie. Maybe with some Tilex, eating through an entire bag of Doritos, at the salon, wearing her fat know, shit we all experience.

I'm sorry, but I HATE the feet. Who thought that would be a good idea?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I can't get enough of this wonderful Duff.

Madge said...

that little hoochie doll is actually...kind of cute.


duff said...

jamwall: i thought about getting her a set of those panties, but they were a little out of my budget.

she would've gotten around more if that truck had actually stopped and picked her up. but nooooooo....
what's a girl gotta do to get a date?

jo: i found a choose your own adventure story online a while back. i don't remember the link, but (if you really have some free time) i know i linked to it on my radio webpage (which i haven't messed around with since clear channel, in its infinite wisdom, decided to switch templates and switch my pages around and arrgh.) anyway, if you click the link for my radio webpage, the go to "duff's random links archive" (or something like that- it's been awhile), there are a whole bunch of things you can play around with.

but only if you have a ton of free time, of course.

kristi: i'm not big on the sappy cards, either.

i'll try to get more pictures up on bodhi's blog- i'm way behind. (oh, you have no idea.) in the meantime, if you go back to his blog, you'll find links to my gnomes "official" pages....also sorely in need of updates.

jurgen: i've thought about taking her out....but that's something i used to do more with the gnomes, and i feel more than a little guilty being behind as far as putting up their pictures is concerned.

however, maybe i should kidnap her next weekend and get her out in public.

the boots will have to stay on though- the feet (or lack thereof)..well, it's just creepy.

lightning bug's butt: what a pleasant surprise- i didn't know you cared enough to come by.

i'm digging the fonz picture, btw.

madge: wait'll you hear her sing! (i haven't felt the need to pry the mini-cd of "her" songs out of the box yet- but i'm sure the full-length disc is coming soon to a store near you.)

jamwall said...

she's kinda on the small side, people might have trouble spotting her. i would station somebody there who knows semaphore code or something, increase her chances of gettin' picked up!

Labbie said...

If I only had half the time you have... I might actually pull off this whole save the world thing...

Stef said...

Almost makes me wish I had a doll to take out on "adventures"...but then, that will confirm what my family has long suspected: that I am certifiably nutz! Others, on the other hand, seem to love that about me.