Monday, September 19, 2005

to bathe or not to bathe......

so there i was, typing a post on peaches for the evening while the little woman ate her dinner. i'd just finished a charming story about mama versus the peach pit rolling squirrels when a loud banging summoned me to the kitchen. little woman was satisfied and alerted me to the fact she was done consuming anything that didn't run away from her by banging her sippy cup against the tray of her high chair. since she was covered in sticky peach juice (the inspiration behind what will be tomorrow evening's post), i figured it would be a good time to throw her into the bathtub.

bath time is the little woman's favorite time of day. as soon as she hears me running water into the tub, she drops whatever she's doing (or throws it, if she happens to be finishing her meal in the high chair) and sprints to the bathroom. she spends quality time with rubber duckies, and i get the remnants of her evening meal hosed off of her. in short, everyone wins.

well, most of the time.

out of her last 5 baths with me, the little woman had left a little something extra behind twice. the first time, she made what is known as (if you're eating, come back to this about an hour after you've finished) "poop soup".

ah, yes. there we were, splashing around without a care in the world. suddenly, there was an extra splash, and just as suddenly, i really cared about getting her out of the tub.

thankfully, i was not alone. so, i called for backup. SO heard my cries, and came running- without baby wipes, which would have been quite useful at a time like this. so, he was sent running back into the other room to retrieve them. i held the child while he dabbed at her dirty derriere like a child picking at his plate full of lima beans. (however, i suppose it's only fair of me to point out that i deal with this sort of thing- minus the bathtub- on a daily basis while he.....does not.)

anyway, he was sent with the mostly cleansed child while i formulated a plan to get the poop out of the tub.

as you may know (and as i learned a couple of years ago when this happened while i was babysitting), the smell of poop is lessened when it is surrounded by water. (this explains why your toilet at home, if functioning properly, doesn't stink nearly as much as, say, and outhouse.) so, draining the water prior to poop removal didn't seem like the wisest idea.

that left going in after it. ugh.

you know what? you haven't lived until you've found yourself fishing for poop with a plastic bag over your hand, sincerely hoping that it didn't leak, lest poop-molecule-laden water wind up inside the bag.

sometimes hoping isn't good enough.

however, i like to think of the adventure as "building up good karma" by sparing little woman's daddy, a good friend of mine, the ordeal of fishing for poop.

he did, however, have to scrub the tub.

the second time it happened, a few days later (i figured "what are the chances of this sort of thing happeneing twice in a row?"), most of the water had already drained from the tub, so little woman's daddy was able to easily remove it from the tub. (i figured it was his turn.)

the next three baths came and went without incident, which brings us to this evening.

we splashed. we played with duckies. we got bubbles all over the place. we let the water out.....and then we heard, "squish".

yep- you guessed it.

from now on, she will take her bath after daddy gets home.


ltlme said...

another reason why you are assigned with giving mom grandchildren. I'll play with them, give them candy, teach them about the glories of elmo and baseball and do all the fun stuff that does not involve diapers (never changed one and would like to keep it that way), nor the newly added baths.

Callie said...

awwww. Sounds like she thinks it's a game.

Yeah - I'm lucky. Out of two beautiful babies, I only had to deal with that little mishap once. Not too bad. *knocking wood as I type - very difficult to do*

Jo said...

I think "a dirty little tale" is a more appropriate title for this post....

mama said...

You were always continent in the bathtub so this isn't a matter of payback...or did you do something else in childhood that I don't know about. Then again, you WERE the one responsible for introducing a cat into my life (along with his equally genius sister) who doesn't know what to do with a real, live mouse. So, you chase poop and I chase mice. I guess it's a bizarre form of justice.

bricotrout said...

always nice to be able to wake up first thing in the morning and get my needed daily dose of baby poop stories! thankyou duff!

Rabbit said...

It's the soap, I swear. Bubbles may be tons of fun, but they're also effective at clearing up a clogged baby colon.

(Whenever my little sister went a day or two without a smelly diaper I'd give her a warm bubble bath . . . problem solved.)

Dirk the Feeble said...

Oh come on, that happens to the best of us!

Madge said...

You have a chef du poop soup? I did not know this!

jamwall said...

*visions of the pool scene from caddyshack*

ozvss <---- ozvss: leader of the hill people.

.: raven :. said...


in all my years of babysitting, then having my own child, then baby sitting again ... and grand children, nieces and nephews .. i've never ever had that happen ....

thank GOD!

duff said...

sibling: you know i'm too young for that sort of talk.

callie: it's a game, alright.

poop for duff, no poop for daddy.

i think he's winning.

jo: actually, i'm thinking of renaming it "splish, splash"

mama: i don't recall crapping in the bathtub. however, there was that one incident in elementary school.....

bricotrout: you're quite welcome- it's just one of the many services i offer.

rabbit: it may be the soap.....or it may be the water. i have a kid at school who never fails to crap in her pull-up when we haul out the wading pools and go swimming.

armaedes: it's nice to know i'm not part of some elite "poop-survivors" club.

i guess that means i can stop looking for my membership card to arrive in the mail.

madge: not my chef- just under my care for a couple of hours each weekday.

jamwall: sadly, it's been too long since i last saw caddyshack for me to recall that scene.

i guess i know what i'm doing on my next day off......

raven: rub it in, why don't you?