Monday, September 05, 2005

what? a date?

plan a: after working a five-hour shift at the radio station, during which time i'll get my latest round of avon catalogs ready for distribution, pass out said catalogs on the way to some other money-making opportunity.

plan b: work my shift, then skip out early and go kayaking. take a bunch of fabulous pictures that i can share, since, well, photos from my last two vacations still haven't made it online yet.

plan c: stage a sit-in at a local gas station to protest the high prices that have kept me from spending the day in charleston, collecting cancellations on my national parks passport and picking up seashells.

plan d: prerecord shift, sleep in until 11, spend a couple hours getting caught up with friends (on the phone) while lounging around in pajamas, then crawl into shower before going out on a movie-and-dinner date.

sleeping in has never felt so good.

i finally saw wedding crashers (matinee, not dollar theater- i'm afraid i was a cheap date, but not that cheap) and went out to an actual sit down meal. (for once, by "sit down", i don't mean "sit the takeout container down on the counter".)

wedding crashers reminded me of this blast from the past.

ah, weddings. so far this year, i've been to two. additionally, there was one back in kansas city that i couldn't make it to. what's with my friends being grownups all of a sudden? it's very unsettling.

will i be the only single person at my 10-year reunion next year? that'd totally defeat the purpose of me being hot (well, i'm hoping to have it together by then), rich (though i'm told one has to play the lottery to actually win), and most importantly, unmarried.

why? well, so i can (with the utmost maturity) go up to every boy i had a crush on in high school who wouldn't give me the time of day and say, "see what you missed?"

i had a lot of crushes and a tiny number of dates in high school, so i believe the line should start forming in april for a june reunion.

anyway, back to my date. i finally had time for one. furthermore, halfway decent pictures were taken during this date, which i will have to share with you.....but not here or now, as i'd really like to get some more sleep.

(coming tomorrow: another list of ten, swiped from bricotrout. i'm sure you're waiting on the edge of your seats.)


Labbie said...

*Yaaaaaawn* Hi. I always go with my plans "A", but they're similar to your plans "D"... In that the most fun ones are at the top of my list, while my most be-responsible-lab-boy-or-else tend to fall to the bottom. Hmmm... Maybe I need to work on that. At any rate, it sounds like you made the wise choice, to take care of you.

Labbie said...

I yawned because I'm sleepy, not because the post was boring... And I'd like to state that my clothes smell so nice now that I'm using the downy drier sheets... Hmmm-Hmmm...

duff said...

it's okay- the post wasn't quite up to my usual standards, either....that's why i linked to an older, much more amusing post.

Rabbit said...

My high school friends are all married now too. I haven't had to go to any weddings (thank God) because once I see a relationship getting serious, I cut ties and run.

I'm not wearing any ugly bridesmaid dresses.

Stef said...

Date? What's a date? I haven't dated in forever... I just seem to meet people easily.

The last wedding I went to was in 1997 when I attended a former coworker's wedding.

And high school reunions... why would I travel 2000 miles to see people I haven't seen in nearly 24 years and, with very few exceptions, don't wish to see again? I heard my 10 year one was so awful that they weren't even going to hold a 20, but they did, and I had all the info about it sent to my mother in OK while I was living in Massachusetts. I went to my 5 year reunion...that was enough.

bricotrout said...

pictures of your date? THATS what im on the edge of my seat for.
i imagine them being somewhat like the bratz doll post. "here i am in the powder room", "this is me chowing down the cutlets", "the car windows are all steemed up from saying goodnight" lol
OH! and you kayak??? (opens little notebook and puts a tally mark under duff's name)

Kristi said...

Hey, I've got the record on never married with children (okay, one child) and it's more than ten years out from high school for me. If the opportunity knocks, then answer it. Otherwise, who cares? Live life and be happy!

duff said...

rabbit: i haven't been trapped in a birdesmaid dress yet.

in fact, i've decided to only agree to be a bridesmaid for nudist weddings.

on another note, sounds like your current relationship is somewhat serious- jumping into the deep end and whatnot.

stef: i'm looking forward to my 10-year reunion. i am not, however, looking forward to dragging my butt to the workout room just so i can be prepared for said reunion.

bricotrout: they're not that exciting...just halfway decent pictures of myself i told SO to take while we were out and about.

and i've kayaked once. i dreaded it terribly, but wound up liking my time on the colorado- partially because i wasn't trapped in a kayak- we rented the sit-on-top variety.

kristi: long time, no see.

opportunity had best not knock anytime soon. i'm too young for that sort of stuff.

Motherdear said...

Never been to a reunion. I want to wait until age, the great leveler, takes every one of Marilujane-Tiffany's sparkling white teeth, and the cottage cheese on her purple-veined thighs makes wearing that stupid cheerleader skirt of hers an absolute impossibility. I wonder if I'll live that long....

duff said...

motherdear: give it another year or two.

when in doubt, consult blog jesus.

bricotrout said...

you didnt like it???
*opens his little book and scratches off 2 tally marks under duff's name and sighs, shaking his lowered head*

duff said...

bricotrout: i liked it a great deal. i just haven't been since, due to a lack of time.

had my kayak flipped, however, i would have a different answer for you.