Tuesday, September 27, 2005

you searched for what??? (part eight)

i've had plenty of time today to obsessively check statcounter every ten minutes to catch all of the odd ways you new folks are finding me. some good, some unsettling- either way, i'm glad you found your way here.

here's how you found me:

"the one thing" inxs eating suggestive

nice to see the video made an impression. the band, hot chicks, lots of food, and one huge table. (a relic from before all the bells and whistles became necessary for a "good" video.)

there were only six results for this search, and i was at the top of the heap. (nyah nyah)

and on a somewhat related note....

picture of some one throwing up

whoever you are, you are more than a little gross.

biggest winter crow roost illinois

i knew about the biggest superman, but the biggest winter crow roost, too?
i'm afraid it's still not enough to convince me to live in illinois.

abandoned shoes

woo-hoo! i'm up to result #208. (cue the theme to.....crap- it's in my head. sherman helmsley's show....you know- "movin' on up......")

Current picture of Michael Hutchence's daughter Tiger Lily

i was the eighth out of nine results for this query, and i don't think any of the other eight had current pictures of tiger, either.

so, good luck finding one, mr. "new jersey dept. of transportation".

gorilla threw, zoo, woman, poop

ah, yes...i remember that post fondly. i find it interesting that someone would search for such a combination.

did i type "interesting"? i meant odd.

sumo wedgie

i've often wondered about the frequency of wedgie occurence among sumo wrestlers. since i'm the 364th highest result for this search, i suppose i'll have to look into this subject a little more seriously.

prescription drugs in nogalas, mexico (their typo, not mine, for once)

to the person in ohio who searched for this: head north instead. why? well, let's just say i didn't have the easiest time getting back into the u.s.

vh1.com.v spot the surreal life unseen photos

huh? i'm #14 for this one, even though i'm not quite sure what they were looking for.

if it helps any, i'm not quite sure what i'm looking for today, either.


Thomas "Duffbert" Duff said...

The show would be "Good Times", if I remember correctly...

jamwall said...

i witness what would go down as the infamous "gorilla threw, zoo, woman, poop" incident. its written in the folklore and tells a ripping ball of shit each time!

ylkwepad <--- the ylkwe-pad, for that extra feeling of confidence....

bricotrout said...

these are always so bizarre. i cant imagine how messed up our society is with all these freaks out there. it would seem, duff, that i can search for anything demented and youll be in at least the first 10 sites listed

Kristi said...

Statcounter is wierd.

it doesn't seem to show me anything that is useful.
Except that I have a whole Crapload of people reading everyday and hardly anybody letting me know that they are doing it!
Lurkers you know.
not a bad thing. If you wanna read my stuff, Go Hard!
Thats what its there for
However, when they post anonymously. thats burns my hide a little.

Dirk the Feeble said...

What is this "statcounter" of which you speak?

Mossy Stone said...

I dunno, duff...I'm thinking you're headed into that "infinite number of monkeys, intifite typewriters, Shakespeare territory".

I suppose if any word was used for search criteria someone could come up with some really interesting results. Granted, it might not be sane, obvious, or even socially acceptable, but...

I dunno if I'd be bothered more by what people were searching for when they found me, or by the fact that I might not have been #1 on some of those lists. :P

duff said...

duffbert: was sherman helmsley in "good times"?

jamwall: i knew it! you were behind that search, weren't you?

bricotrout: alas, i am far below the top 10 on most searches. it looks like my quest for world domination will take longer than originally planned.

kristi: try clicking on "visitor paths"

armaedes: click on the counter at the bottom of my page.
statcounter is my internet crack.

mossy: i dunno- sometimes i'm comforted by the fact that i'm not at the top of some of these searches.