Tuesday, September 06, 2005

a long-overdue musical post

it's been awhile since i last posted something music-related....and since the next "ten things" list on bricotrout's blog is music related, i'm feeling somewhat inspired.

ten tunes i cannot not sing along to

1. "take on me" by a-ha.

my favorite song in the entire world.....and i have to sing along when it comes on. however, i freely admit that morten harket can hit that high note far better than i do.

(oh- and i prefer the extended version over the album version, just for the record.)

2. "never tear us apart"....or anything else by inxs

i can come up with all the words to all their hits plus several extras off of "listen like thieves", "kick", and "x"....and probably a few others, though i don't want to seem too obsessed.

3. "the reflex" by duran duran

the album version only- i don't sing along with the remix because i think it sucks and feel the need to protest. i also sing along to several of their other tunes: "new moon on monday", "rio", "hungry like the wolf", "electric barbarella", "i don't want (your love)" (i can never remember where the parentheses go on that one- forgive me if i screwed it up), "all along the water", "too much information", and "meet el presidente" (because i can practice a whopping two words of spanish and it makes me feel....exotic...or something.)

4. "out of the blue" by debbie gibson

ah, memories. this was the first cassette i ever bought. can you believe she just turned 35? if i remember right, she was 15 when the album came out, which means....i'm old.

5. "animal" and "photograph" by def leppard

two favorites from my days at the classic rock station. if i'm driving while these are on, i'll probably speed up, too. (while respecting the speed limit, of course, dad.)

6. "kiss me deadly" by lita ford

went to a party last saturday night
i didn't get laid- i got in a fight
uh-huh...it ain't no big thang....

believe it or not, i don't have this on cd yet. yet.

7. the theme to the a-team

sure, i screw up the intro every time, but i can duh duh duh DUH duh duh duh with the best of them.

8. "somebody told me" by killers

i enjoy singing along to this almost as much as its predecessor in the same vein- "boys and girls" by blur.

9. "talk dirty to me" and "unskinny bop" by poison

i dig poison, man. cinderella, too. (i was first exposed to the latter at the tender age of 8. i can probably sing just about any thing off of their night songs album, which is something i should probably add to my resume.)

10. hmmmmm...only one more? the funky stuff is underrepresented on this list, isn't it? let me think....

does the aerosmith/run dmc version of "walk this way" count?



okay.....how about "peach" by prince? is that funky enough for you? no? well, i'm working on the words to "rapper's delight", but i can't hold a candle to the little old lady in "the wedding singer".



Madge said...

Loving the hair metal selections. I'm a sucker for the power ballads, myself. Every Rose Has Its Thorns. Oh.My.God. Power ballad perfection. (Those were the days, baby).

Carla said...

You feel old when talking about Debbie Gibson? Try a mere two years younger, for crying out loud!

And boy, the memories of "Unskinny Bop!" You'll appreciate this. I went to Columbia College, and when I was a freshman, we still had to pass a test about the school on the third day we were there before we could leave campus. Yeah I know, crazy, but we did actually LEARN something!

Anyway, we had to memorize the school alma mater, and one of the girl who lived on my hall was a HUGE Poison fan. She stumbled upon the fact that the words to the alma mater fit the tune to Unskinny Bop. I guess it was one of those revelations like the dude who discovered that Dark Side of the Moon goes in sync with Wizard of Oz.

Well, that's enough rambling... just thought with you being in Columbia, you'd find that funny!


Oh, and I bought the 45 of The Reflex with the Duran Duran poster. Ahhh the memories!

ltlme said...

debbie gibson=evil

I still think i need therapy for hearing that cassette. I should have grabbed it and buried it in the backyard when I had the chance.

jamwall said...

i think the a-team goes like this:

dah-d'd-dah! -duh-dah-duh-- d-d-d-dadadah dah-dud-dud-dud-da!

i could be wrong!

Renatinha said...

hello, I liked it excessively its blog, it would like to be able to add to its blog in mine, this clearly if you to leave, then I wait its reply kiss

jamwall said...

um.....i have no idea what she just wrote, but its certainly an interesting blog!

bricotrout said...

damn renatinha, thats what I was going to say!
no offense duff, but this seems to fit the title of my latest list just a tad better "Ten Embarrasing Secrets about Me"

freewriter said...

"take on me": just heard that yesterday and it automatically gave me a lift. and i was feeling good already!

Labbie said...

"It's much better to be safe than sorry..." Love it.
Do you follow "Family Guy" at all? They had this nice spoof where Chris gets sucked into the paper world and runs around with the guy being chased by the goons... It was awesome.

duff said...

madge: "every rose has its thorn"? you know you've made it when keanu reeves uses a line from one of your songs to get into heaven.

carla: hmm...i don't think my school's alma mater fits "unskinny bop".


sibling: that's big talk from someone who owns not one, but two selections from vanilla ice.

your answer doesn't surprise me, though. as i recall, you took the tiffany side of that debate.

jamwall: i believe that's the remix.

renatinha: i'm flattered, i think.

jamwall: hers, or mine? i think this one's pretty boring. ;~)

bricotrout: i was mentally working on that list last night. however, like the proposed HNT pic, i'm not ready to share.

freewriter: exactly my point- how can you hear that song and not feel good?

lab boy: my dear, you forget- i have no time for t.v.

perhaps i'll get around to buying the dvd set next time i'm at best buy.

Oswald Croll said...

You look to young to remember most of those songs....

jamwall said...

i'm entertained by your blog duff!

duff said...

oswald: i don't look my age...but i was pretty young when most of those came out.

not that i'm not young now, of course.

jamwall: thanks- i try.

i saw her blog too.....interesting seems to be a pretty tame reaction.

Labbie said...

Can I have the tee shirt that comes with the DVD set? And when would you like me to mail out Mr. Tater?

Madge said...

Duff...very funny.