Saturday, September 03, 2005

strange things happen.....

.....when i get bored.

this doll appeared at the radio station a couple of months ago, along with a flyer touting the single the "bratz rock angelz" were releasing for airplay. (c'mon people, did jem ever release any of the music from her t.v. show? i think not.)

anyway, she's sat in her box since her arrival, and since i didn't feel up to working on any of the projects i dragged into work with me today, i figured i'd free her from her plastic prison and snap a few photos.

i'm free! too bad i can't stand on my own.

meeting one of my "fans"

hmmm...unless i want my stomach to accompany me, i'm going to need a snack.

i should probably wash the dorito cheese off my hands before i perform for my fans.

a little mischief.

wait a minute- where are my adoring fans?

perhaps if i throw myself on the ground, an ambulance will be summoned and i can play for the paramedics on the way to the hospital.

it's rough being a rock star.


Jo said...

Sorry to break the news to you Duff, but there is indeed a Jem tape out there. A girl that I used to work with had it, and we used to listen to it once in a while at work. (We worked with 0-5 years olds...they liked it!!!)

Anonymous said...

AAAHAHAHAHAH! This is great!

ltlme said...

oh my. you need help.

duff said...

jo: i stand corrected. in fact, i think i have a couple of those jem tapes somewhere....but was anyone encouraged to play it on the radio, as described in the press release that accompanied this doll? i sincerely doubt it.

i had a couple of jem dolls- the chick with the video camera and at least one of jem herself.

i really wanted the one with the blue hair and the one with red. one was named kimber, and i have no idea who the other one was. perhaps i should consult the dvd set.

jurgen: i'm trying to figure out what else i can do with her. i mean, i don't want to tread too much on the concept behind bodhi's blog, but i think it would be funny to put this chick in different situations where she can attempt to find an audience for her music.....or something like that.

you know what really creeps me out about her, though? when you take her shoes off, she has no feet. she looks like an amputee. i feel like i should get her a little wheelchair or something. i mean, how can she walk around barefoot? very odd.

sibling: you're just upset you didn't think of it first.

ltlme said...

nope....just you need help

bricotrout said...

okay duff, this is very funny.
but aspen asks "why would she want to copy herself?"
ill let you explain that one.
i thought this was a family site!!

freewriter said...

OMG, she is sooo hot! I'm officially a groupie.

Labbie said...

It's official... You have too much time on your hands. I shall do a montage of Darth Tater much like this... :p

duff said...

bricotrout: it's a familyish site (mostly because my parents both check in and, therefore, i can't really participate in HNT), but i couldn't resist the butt-photocopying shot. i did it a while back with one of my gnomes (bodhi, i believe), and found it hysterically funny.

freewriter: even though she has no feet? or are you talking about me?

lab boy: wait a minute- you have darth tater? i've been trying for months to get darth tater. dammit.

as far as having too much time on my hands....well, i multitask at the radio station. i still have to come up with today's post...right after i finish looking over everyone else's shoulders to see what they're doing.

freewriter said...

yep, gonna start calling WNOK and requesting Billy Idol… waitaminute, I'm out of range, dammit!

duff said...

we're running an 80's show on wnok at the moment, so billy idol would be just fine. i can certainly put something in between segments of the show. what'd you have in mind?

ltlme said...

do puttin on the ritz!!!!!!!!!!

not that i can hear it, but still

LBseahag said...

Gem always got the attention. She was like Beyonce...I preferred Aja...she was like the Kelly Rowland...

jamwall said...

OMG!!! i hope the rockstar doll is okay! she looks like she needs emergency medical assistance, are there any tiny defibilators on the premesis???!!

duff said...

sibling: i'd love to throw in taco, but we don't have it in the system. (i'm sure it's on backtracks, though.)

lbseahag: aja! she was the blue haired doll, wasn't she? that means kimber was the redhead.....i never managed to talk mama into bringing either one home.

jamwell: she's fine. there's a picture of her on my photoblog that was taken after this "incident".

however, i am slightly worried about the lengths she'll go to to receive attention. perhaps i should order a set of defibrillators and a tiny first aid kit, just in case.

duff said...

dammit- i can't spell....

bear with me- i'll get there eventually.

ltlme said...

I want TACO.....or some tacos....mmm....tacos!

duff said...

i have no tacos....but i can offer you a slice of pizza.

tacos tomorrow are doubtful, though i may possibly go to an actual sit-down restaurant for dinner, instead.

i may be able to come up with a few taco facts in your honor, though:

full name: taco ockerse
hit album: "after eight"
(remember checking that record out from the library?)

"puttin' on the ritz" was written by irving berlin for fred astaire, and went a little something like this:

Puttin' on the Ritz

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
why don't you go where fashion sits,
Puttin' on the ritz.

Different types who wear a day coat, pants with stripes
and cutaway coat, perfect fits,
Puttin' on the ritz.

Dressed up like a million dollar trouper
Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)

Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks
or "umberellas" in their mitts,
Puttin' on the ritz.

Have you seen the well-to-do up and down Park Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare with their noses in the air
High hats and Arrow collars white spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime for a wonderful time

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
why don't you go where fashion sits,
(Puttin' on the ritz)
(Puttin' on the ritz)
(Puttin' on the ritz)

(all that stuff was found here.)

ltlme said...

yeah, i'm out of ground beef and too lazy to hop in my car to see if taco hell is still open. :( I'm suppose to do renn. fest. tomorrow so the best I'll be able to come up with is a turkey leg. :(

duff said...

turkey leg tacos?

i believe i'll have to pass.

ltlme said...

no, turkey legs. not that and tacos. yuck.

duff said...

whew! you had me really worried about your taste there for a minute.

jamwall said...

okay, i'll beer with you (Ooooo! a beer would taste good about now!)

duff said...

but is it possible to consume a beer while playing the cowbell? should the beer simply be poured into your mouth for you?

ltlme said...

you know i'm one of the most picky eaters out there.

jamwall said...

i hire a 2nd person who stands on a footstool holding a beer bong. they're required to have a pinpoint aim! otherwise, the cowbell clangin' will be horribly off-kilter!

duff said...

good point. i'd hate for the angle of the cowbell stroke to be compromised.

jamwall said...

its very scientific...cowbell gene doesn't tolerate sloppy beer bong-delivery!

Stef said...

I"ve thought about doing that with some of the "action figures" my boys used to play with when they were younger, but that's as far as it got. My oldest son has done something similar with his huge car model collection though. There's a video and everything, but he can't find it. If you can imagine pink grass (because the rug throughout the house is pink), then I guess you can suspend belief for a few seconds to believe these cars are full size.

Thanks, BTW, for the comment on my blog about my ex b/f being okay after the hurricane destroyed his hometown. It is a great burden off my mind. Now my life can go on as usual. --Stef

Poppy Cede said...

I love the shot of her being photocopied! Really great idea and angle!

I think it might be time to dig a certain knickknack duck out of the basement so that he can be photographed doing fun things at work...

Labbie said...

Yes... He is HERE . And he is mine! Mine! Mine!!!! (Insert maniacal laugh here) I'm a dork.

So, are you more inclined to come up and hang out in DC now that you would get to meet Darth Tater?

duff said...

jamwall: is the algorithim necessary for determining optimum cowbell-striking angle on the new sats?

stef: sounds like it's time for a new video.

poppy cede: bring on the duck! i'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

lab boy: yes, unless you're willing to just mail him down here for a visit.

freewriter said...

blue highway, great travel song. :)

Labbie said...

If I do mail him, do you promise to take care of him, take lots of pictures of him in nice places, post said pictures for the world to see, then mail him back after, say, a month or two?

Rabbit said...

I'm frightened by how much this post amused me.