Friday, September 23, 2005

it's not about me, for once.

it's hard to believe, but my next post will be my 200th. in celebration, i'll be compiling a list of some of my favorite posts over the past seven months. (jeez- 200 posts in roughly 210 days? it doesn't seem like i've rambled quite that much.)

anyway, since my next post will be all about me, i think it's fitting for this one to be about you. so, since i haven't had a chance to check in lately, it's time for a quick trip through some of my favorite blogs to see what folks have been up to lately:

*the woman behind written in chalk, one of my college roommates (and one of the ones i'm still speaking to, more importantly), is just starting out in the wonderful world of blogging. she's had problems getting inspired lately, but i know she'd appreciate it if you stopped by.

*over on jurgen nation, kate moss' addictions are a hot topic this evening.

*one of my friends from high school, the blogger behind focus, click, repeat, has been spending quality time with her favorite relative- leopard-print pajama pants and all.

*my sibling just passed the 100-post mark.

*motherdear is still taking nominations for the latest blog awards. if you have a moment or two, stop by and throw in your two cents. (what? i'm not nominated for anything yet? perhaps i'll have to try to come up with something really good this weekend....)

*toby has found inspiration in clorox....

*nj's trying to convince christopher walken to read his autobiography on tape.

*larry's got high hopes for both his hockey team and the possibility of a raise (for himself, not the members of the hockey team).

*digi's still got some of that nacho cheese left. w're meeting at his place later for nachos- you should come.

*there's some sort of mysterious illness making the rounds at raven's place. i wonder if that's where i picked up this gut-wrenching cough.

*bricotrout's kicking off the latest edition of "sentence saturday"....well worth checking out. (anybody got a sentence for "tinkertweedle"?)

*jamwall's up to his usual hijinks....guest columnists and all.

*minta's procrastinating....and somehow she missed hnt (then again, last week's offering is probably hard to top.)

*there's gratuitous nudity (and, of course, bad pick-up lines) over at rabbit's place.

*there's a great quote over at ghostwriters anonymous.

*kristi and charlitte are searching for inner peace.

*penny's battling with the airlines in an attempt to make it to a wedding this weekend. (may your plane's landing gear function as it should, penny.)

*meanwhile, mossy is busy entertaining himself with speculations about what's become of dirty gypsy.

*dani's planning her birthday celebration (just don't be that girl- the one sobbing in the corner, okay?)

*free writer's been getting a little too close to his cleaning supplies again.

*jo's celebrating her birthday today. (jo, if you're reading this, happy birthday. oh, and see my advice to dani.)

*carla's lost her gall bladder....and several hours were spent watching some high-quality television during her recovery.

*stef's over the moon about finally having a basketball team.

*kristin's giving dance lessons. (which reminds me- is "perfect strangers" out on dvd yet?)

*kunstemaecker's back in the confessional booth again (which i find far too entertaining for my own good).

*lab boy's playing chuck woolery in the o.r. (sans bunny suit)

*madge is celebrating her grandma's life....and terrorizing tony danza.

*bodhi is on his way back from his alaskan cruise in an attempt to meet ryan cabrera and ask him the age-old question:

"a hoedown? what the hell was your woman thinking?"

*finally, i've just noticed i really need to add the social alchemist to my links. first thing tomorrow- i swear.

(oh, and on a side note, my photos from the week will be up over the weekend- hnt included.)


bricotrout said...

i have pondered doing this very thing duff. very time consuming but gracious as well. congrats on the 200 posts! you took the time to do this so ill take the time to visit each and every one

word verification: oambjoo: a pakistani banjo

duff said...

bricotrout: it took me two hours, start to finish, but it was well worth it.

i'll start work on today's post......after i finish listening to the news reports out of louisiana.

Jo said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Duff!!!! Congrats on the big 2-0-0!

duff said...

thanks, jo.

Digitalicat said...

I'm think I'm going to have cheese sauce for a long time to come.

duff said...

sweet- i'll be over with a bag of doritoes.

Stef said...

Congrats on the 200th post! That is a milestone. I wonder when my 200th post was? I think I mentioned my 500th and 1000th (I have had my blog for over 2 years, and I do tend to ramble a lot too.)

Go NO/OKC Hornets!