Saturday, September 17, 2005

boogie-dy, boogie-dy

ah, south carolina- what an oddly interesting little state.

gamecock fever is in full effect (and for the record, you can say "cocks" on the air here and no one bats an eyelash. however, "ass" and "damn" are certain to raise eyebrows and lead to a few phone calls....but i digress.), and i'm taking time out from decorating steve spurrier to post an item showing true team spirit.

(photo credit: juan blas for the gamecock)

you can read the whole story here.

now, tell me this story isn't enough to make "the streak" run through your head.

uh-oh- looks like someone was inspired by this story.

"hey, baby. my boyfriend's nowhere to be found. wanna give me a ride?"

"woman! what were you doing in the car with another man?!?"

"it...uh...wasn't me. it was my twin. you know i only ride with you, baby."

to be continued........


jamwall said...

Oooooooo!!! naked plastic!!!!

i used to work for an organization that had a field office in columbia, SC. they told some funny stories about some of the signs they'd see at gamecocks college football games, like "you can't beat our cocks" and other stuff that i can't remember.

Carla said...

Oh that is so awesome! That guy must have been really cocky to run around naked.

It definitely took some balls!

Okay, I'll stop, but that is too funny. Yet, somehow I'm not surprised it happened.

I also find it funny how the police weren't notified until 30 MINUTES AFTER the whole incident.

And you need to get a handle on that little rock star of yours. Next thing you know, she'll be walking the streets on the wrong end of Two Notch Road! LOL

Labbie said...

Oh, the drama... The comedy... The dramedy?

duff said...

jamwall: back when i lived in kansas city, i worked at athletic attic. even in the middle of the country, the south carolina "cocks" hat was our #1 seller.

that's not why i moved here- just a funny coincidence.

carla: i thought it was interesting that the guy has done this before and they still haven't been able to catch him.

more power to him, i say.

as for our young plastic friend, she knows she's not allowed to leave the station without my permission.

lab boy: yes- i believe "dramady" is the proper term, though i've been told it's more of a "duff needs a life" thing.

nah- i'm just easily amused. is that such a bad thing?

Stef said...

A zillion years ago (or so it seems to me) when my ex was in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk, VA, we drove down to the Naval Station in Charleston, and I remember seeing a bumpersticker that said something like "You can't lick our 'Cocks" and being a bit put off until I realized that the school's mascot was a Gamecock. The most memorable thing that happened on that trip is that then 2 year old Jeff cried all the way down there, and all the way back!

jamwall said...

ah so it was a subconcious decision!

pulppl <--- moe green was shot in the pulppl

duff said...

stef: and how long is that drive? i know between here and d.c. it's 7 hours....

jamwall: nah- the plan was mostly to get out of missouri. since i had an invitation to live out here rent-free for 6 weeks, i stuffed my car and drove on out....that was five years ago- right after the great debate over the confederate flag.

ltlme said...

and i still think you're crazy.

jamwall said...

right! when they removed the confederate flag and replaced it with a picture of bob jones himself!

qtsdlc <--- as in, "that's qtsdlc man!!!"

.: raven :. said...

you all are having way to much fun with the doll ...

but i want to know who the hot boys are in the station!! :)

duff said...

sibling: not crazy- just easily amused.

jamwall: actually, they moved it to the confederate memorial on the state house grounds. just wait- one day, i'll post about maurice bessinger, who is like a god to some of these folks. (the confederate flag flies above each of his popular bbq restaurants)

raven: in this post, the hot boy in the car is ant mac, and the one reprimanding "his woman" is local comedian timmy tim. both of them work at one of our sister stations.

Chele said...

Why are that doll's eyes bigger than her behind?

duff said...

chele: aha- you haven't met a bratz doll before.

they are put together strangely- all head and legs...and no feet.

seriously. to change her clothes, you pull off her shoes, and you're left looking at these weird little nubs. i took a picture of them in my last post on the subject, which you can find here.

thanks for stopping by.

Labbie said...

Giggy-Dee, Giggy-Dee?

jamwall said...

we have a chain restuarant over here called "famous dave's bbq" on some of his vans they have a decal of a pig with a giant slab of pork ribs at the end of a pitchfork and he's cooking this slab over a flame while licking his lips.

this is a pig cooking another pig over an open flame; licking his lips!!!

anyway, there was something about your description about "father" maurice that conjured up that image!

quite curious!

duff said...

jamwall: a cannibalistic pig?

oh my.

Stef said...

I don't recall the time it took to get from Norfolk to Charleston, but with a crying 2 year old, it seemed to take forever!